ASTRO & Xbox One: Microsoft’s Headset Adapter

*Update 3/17/14 5:00pm*

We are currently testing a firmware update for our A50 Wireless headset, and MixAmpTM Pro to alleviate issues related to the Microsoft Xbox One stereo chat adapter. We will release a final build when we are satisfied that the update produces ASTRO Gaming audio quality. This is anticipated to be somewhere between 03/19 and 03/22. ~Thadeous

Voice communication on Xbox One

Since the release of the Xbox Headset Adapter we’ve seen reports of customers encountering voice quality issues when using the Xbox Headset Adapter and our MixAmp Pro or A50 TXD. We’d like to acknowledge your concerns, confirm that ASTRO engineers have found the root cause, and we’re working on a firmware solution to be released within the week. We will release this firmware update with a blog post & set up instructions. Please bear with us & stay tuned to our social media feeds for updates.

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If you have questions about your ASTRO products and warranty, please contact our website support team by submitting a Support Request.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we work to keep the ASTRO Family communicating & gaming strong!


-ASTRO Siege


Ben noonan


  1. What about for people with the 2010 mixamp pro?… We can’t get updates.

  2. I have the 2010 mix amp and others hear static when I’m talking/raise my voice.

  3. Agreed I have a MixAmp 5.8GHz and a pre-2013 MixAmp. How are you going to assist us?

    1. Yea. With the Turtle Beach chat cable (god forbid) the A40’s actually sound good. over USB the A40’s sound like garbage. its the exact opposite for the A50’s, USB is good quality, Chat cable is GARBAGE quality

  4. What about the first gen wireless A40’s with the mixamp 5.8 TX/mixamp 5.8 RX? Will an update be universal on these?

  5. Have they fixed the static issues with the xbox one headset adapter?

  6. Tbh.. sound of the headsets.. superb… microphone and party chat of almost all astros i have ever listen… sucks.. i have astro a50.. micro noise cancelation? one… party chat… lol…next time i will spend 300$ on a headset.. it wont be astro.. (sorry for my english)

  7. Any idea if this firmware will fix the powering down of my A 50’s? It only began when I did the update after I received my Xbox one adapter and my headset was “pulsing”. Did the update (twice) and finally got the headset working. Now it shuts itself off after 3-5 minutes. I’ve been working with Jackie in support, but still no luck with the powering down.

    1. agree. have the exact same problem. it powers off every few minutes. very annoying. I fixed the sound buzz problem by changing my audio settings in xbox from bitstream to stereo, and then back to bitstream, if that helps anyone.

  8. I plug my headset in without the mix amp still static so hows is this astro’s problem and not microsoft

  9. For S$%ts and giggles I went out and purchased a Microsoft stereo headset for the xbox one. I had the same issues with there headset

  10. Hey you said the firmware would be out this week, it’s Sunday now so where is it?

  11. Where is the update? I didn’t just buy a 250 dollar headset just to let it sit there and look pretty.

    1. They clearly say update should be out between 3/19-3/22 try reading next time.

      1. Don’t be harsh maybe you should try reading next time. His comment was from 2 days ago, Astro just updated their blog today.

  12. i have an Astro A50 the Mic is very bed i been trying to Update and everything i could do but it doesn’t change anything Please Help me out ASTRO

    1. Yeah same thing here. Supposedly they’re working on a firmware update for the A50s, but I think they’re already past their predicted release date. It sure would be nice if they would keep us a little more up to date…

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