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GFinity 3: London

to Gfinity and beyond!


This Saturday and Sunday, we’re sponsoring the biggest multi-platform eSports event to ever take place in the UK. Get ready, London, Gfinity 3 will be rocking down the walls of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s Copperbox Arena.

On top of watching the carnage unfold as teams compete for a total of $145,000, attendees will be able to meet their favorite players, and gaming celebrities, as well as play against fellow fans for cash prizes. You might even get a chance to take on the pros 1v1.

Teams will be going head to head in a range of popular eSports titles:

Personally, we’ll be rooting for our ASTRO Family:


Other attractions include getting your hands on the latest demos of your favorite upcoming games and hardware and the kind of shopping that makes every gamer’s heart just skip a beat. As an added bonus, if you think you have a talent for casting, this might be your chance! Attendees have an opportunity to submit their audition reel to the “Next Big Voice” stand–who knows, you might be the next Gfinity caster.

Still need more information? Check out the G3 website for all your burning questions: g3.gfinity.net

Unable to make it to the event itself? Don’t worry, you can experience the intensity of G3 from the comfort of your own home with MLG.tv, Twitch.tv and DailyMotion.com. Check out the list of G3 streams for a range of game types and languages.

Don’t forget to follow our pro teams, Gfinity and our new social networks to make sure you’re getting latest information on G3 updates and giveaways all weekend long. Good luck ASTRO Family!


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