The Family: HK Smash

ASTRO’s Stream Team consists of hand-picked live-streamers of varying interests and styles. On top of hosting on the ASTRO channel, they run their own streams and provide monthly give-aways of ASTRO products.

Nicholas, or Nicky (Not Minaj) is known by HK Smash in the live-streaming world and currently hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Long Island raised, he competed at MLG tournaments but never decided to go professional.

Specializing in console games, he streams for the community, focusing on bringing people together and just having fun. Always bantering with his chat, you can always expect to be entertained when tuning in to HK’s stream.


ASTRO: How did you first get into gaming?

HK SMASH: When the original Xbox came out I remember my dad buying me one for christmas. He introduced me to Halo and Xbox Live. From that point on I knew that games would play a huge part in my life growing up. After being introduced to WoW when it was in beta I then realized that there is more to gaming then just competition.

ASTRO: What game(s) are you currently playing?

HK SMASH: At this very moment I have been playing Killer Instinct on Xbox One. I tend to go back and fourth to my PS4.

ASTRO: Which game(s) or game series has been with you the longest? What can you not get enough of?

HK SMASH: Halo and WoW for sure. Will always have a special place in my heart.

ASTRO: What is your favorite game-related memory and why?

HK SMASH: I remember playing WoW with a group of different people. We used to raid with each other on a daily basis. What was amazing is that we never actually met each other until we all decided it was a good idea for us to get together. What was even cooler was that we all lived within a 20 mile radius of each other! The memories created with complete strangers end up being some of the closest friends I have ever had. Imagine what a video game can do. Bringing people together and creating everlasting bonds.

ASTRO: What do you hope to see in the future of gaming?

HK SMASH: I hope to see more closer interactions with games. Something similar to what social media is today.

ASTRO: If you could tell your younger-self one thing, what would you say?

HK SMASH: Stay Handsome.

ASTRO: What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

HK SMASH: Consistency and patience is key. Getting discouraged will get you no where. Above all have fun with what you’re doing.

ASTRO: What, in your opinion, makes your stream unique and awesome?

HK SMASH: I’m being myself. Im not a character or putting on some kind of act. I get to be myself in front of an audience which is pretty awesome.

ASTRO: What has been your favorite game to stream thus far?

HK SMASH: So far Killer Instinct. I have met a lot of different people and learned a lot from playing the game with my viewers. Going to continue to play this game moving forward.

ASTRO: Which Astros are your favorite to use?

HK SMASH: I really enjoy the A40’s Having the same look and feel as my A50s

ASTRO: Are they rocking any special speaker tags?

HK SMASH: Hell Yeah! HKsmash SmashFist tags

ASTRO: What do you do when you’re not streaming? (Other jobs/School/gaming goals etc)

HK SMASH: I work full time at Apple as a Mac Genius.

ASTRO: What about your hobbies—those fabled things you do for fun when you’re not gaming?

HK SMASH: I train MMA and BJJ. I’m a gym rat.

ASTRO: Favorite vacation spot?

HK SMASH: I haven’t been on an actual vacation in years. If I had to choose, Disney World.

ASTRO: Best movie of all time in your opinion?

HK SMASH: SuperTroopers

ASTRO: The music that is, to put it succinctly, “your jam”?

HK SMASH: Growing up in NY, listening to a lot of Hardcore music. Put you can’t go wrong with the 90s playlist.

ASTRO: And speaking of jam—what’s your favorite food?

HK SMASH: Being Italian pretty much anything Italian ill eat. To be more specific who doesn’t love pizza!

ASTRO: Best brain food (books, a quote, tv shows etc):

HK SMASH: A quote “Your only limit, is your own imagination”


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