The USB Tx Beta Program!


Proud A50 owners, we have heard your pleas to bring the ASTRO wireless experience to the PC, and we think we have devised a solution to your woes.

We’re proud to announce the USB Tx is now available for the beta program!

The USB TX enables gamers with an ASTRO Gaming A50 headset to wirelessly connect to your computer for the ultimate PC gaming experience. Broadcasting with Advanced Kleernet 5.8 Ghz technology, the A50 + USB TX power combo allows gamers to roam wire-free up to 15M from the device, all while surrounded in Dolby 7.1 Digital sound.

Powered by a USB port, this device is easy to set up and only uses 1/10th the power of charging the average smart phone. But we need your help to make it even better.


As an early adopter, you will not only receive the USB Tx at a discounted price, but will have the opportunity to provide feedback to improve the final product.

Beta Program members will receive:

· The ability to purchase ASTRO Beta gear at major discounts
· The opportunity to give online feedback on your Beta experience, helping create an even better final product
· Downloadable digital content
· Advanced access to future Beta releases

Just by picking up a USB Tx, you are automatically initiated into THIS round of the ASTRO Beta Program. Remember, there is a limited supply of USB Tx units available for testing, so don’t wait to sign up.

Thank you for your continued support, and as always, game on!


  1. Is it possible to buy it in one of the shops in Europe during the beta?

  2. I’d absolutely love to help you test this, but live in Switzerland. How do we do this?

  3. How I wish I can travel through time and buy the final product.
    I really need this for my Acer 4750G laptop since it’s old, it doesn’t have any optical port.

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