ASTRO at Pax Prime 2014

Fantastic Things and Where to Find Them!


Pax Prime is next week, PAX PRIME IS NEXT WEEK!

And we’re just the tiniest bit excited about it. Sneak previews about upcoming games, panels with some of our favorite developers–and of course, some friendly competition on the digital battlefield.

We understand there’s a lot to see in just four short days, so we wanted to let you know what to expect when you drop by the ASTRO Gaming booth (#842).


Beautiful and remastered for the Master Chief Collection, Halo 2 Anniversary will be playable at our booth.

PCs will be set up so you can give Dying Light a good long look.

Meet n’ Greet

Bohemia Interactive *UPDATED*, the independent company known for the Arma Game series, will be shaking hands and answering questions at the ASTRO booth both on Saturday at 2pm, and Sunday at 3pm.

Team Curse will also be stopping by in the midst of their extremely busy schedule–you’ll want to keep a watchful eye on the @ASTROgaming twitter to find out when to stop by. Curse is going head to head with other finalists in the League of Legends Championship Series in hopes to become one of three teams that will represent North America in the World Championship later this year.

The ASTRO Wrecking Crew
, naturally, will also be there and we really want to meet you!


Of course you’ll get to take a pair of ASTROs out for a test drive at the gaming stations, if you’ve never had a chance, but for the first time ever, we’re also going to be demoing the A38 to the general public. Been on the fence about this fantastic headset? Come learn about it first hand from the Wrecking crew and get a look and feel for it in person. Decide you like it? We’ll also be selling the A38 at the booth.

We’ve also got a plethora of prizes we’ll be giving away at the booth, so if you’re looking to win some free swag (because who doesn’t like free swag?), you’ll want to periodically check in at the booth to find out how you can take some home.

Tournaments and Challenges

The Next Level will be at our booth, extending their Pax Prime Passport challenge to both attendees and those at home.

The PAXSTRO photo Scavenger Hunt.

You know how we said we’d be playing Halo 2? We’re also helping run a tournament with a$10,000 prize pool. Here’s how it will work:



  • 4 teams of walk up players will compete in King of the Hill on  Halo 2 at both the ASTRO Gaming and SkullCandy booth.
  • Winners will be determined by longest win Streak.
  • The two highest streaks from each booth will move on to the next round.


  • The 4 Friday qualified teams will compete with 4 more invited teams in  an 8 team double elimination tournament
  • This round will be held in a studio set up with no live crowd.
  • For your watching convenience, this competition will be streamed live on and can be viewed in booth, and around the show.


  • The final showdown will be held in the studio on Sunday Night and streamed on
  • Gather in the ASTRO booth, or at home to watch this battle come to an end.

Who will take home the prize?

We’ve got a lot happening at the ASTRO booth all four days, including things we didn’t even mention yet! We’ve also got a lot of announcements that we’ll be releasing during the course of the convention that you really won’t want to miss.

How will you keep updated on all of it?

As always, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch for all things ASTRO. See you at PAX, and have a GREAT WEEKEND!



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