Free Stuff Fridays

Did someone say FREE?


If you follow @ASTROGaming on Twitter, by now you’ve seen our Free Stuff Friday giveaways. You might not, however, know exactly how this giveaway works, so we thought we’d take some time to fill you in on all the gritty details.

Obviously, these giveaways happen on Fridays. This is not a clever ruse where they in fact will happen on Tuesdays or every third Saturday–we genuinely do have them on Fridays. Not every Friday, mind you, but Fridays none the less.

They include products from our fantastic partners, and occasionally, on special days, you’ll see some ASTRO brand goodies sneak into the mix. Physical prizes are mostly restricted to the US, however if you win and you are not located in the US, we promise to replace it with digital content of equal value (game codes, downloads etc)

How you enter to win varies from giveaway to giveaway. We may ask you to RT something, we may ask you to take a picture with your ASTRO gear or gaming set up, or write a Haiku about your favorite game. While usually never the same, entry requires no purchases on your part. Entries should also not require (unless otherwise stated) anything arduous such as fellowships to Mount Doom, stepping anywhere near the Water Temple beneath Lake Hylia, or the consumption of darkspawn blood. We’re easy-going like that.


You can enter as many times as you’d like if you’d like to increase your chances, but there will be no volunteering as tribute. Winners are always chosen at random.

If you are chosen to become a winner, you’ll have exactly one week to get us your contact info. If it exceeds that time sadly that prize will become forfeit and will vanish back into the void, feeling sad and abandoned. And you don’t want to make your prize sad, right? I mean, a crying book or a t-shirt is just unnerving.

And we’re not saying that these rules are Braum’s unbreakable shield (mostly because there is no mana used, and we don’t require cool down), but they are, regardless, the rules that we’re sticking by. We hope this has answered any questions or curiosities you had regarding ASTRO’s Free Stuff Friday and look forward to seeing your entries.

Good luck and game on!

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