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If you are joining the ASTRO Family at PAX Prime this year, be sure to check out our photo scavenger hunt for a chance to win an Xbox One prize bundle! There will be tons of activities to enjoy every day, and we want to see you having fun. Get your cameras ready, and let the PAXSTRO fun begin!

Take photos from the ASTRO booth, our partner’s booths and the show floor for a chance to win our #PAXSTRO Gaming Bundles! To enter, submit photos of you and your friends enjoying PAX Prime on Instagram/Twitter. Every post must contain 2 special hashtags: The first is our official hashtag for PAX Prime 2014 – #PAXSTRO, and the second tag is specific to our partner’s booths. You can find the list of our PAXSTRO partners, their booths and the photo submission hashtags in this blog.  Post your photos using both hashtags so we can monitor your submissions and reward you for participating.  Each ASTRO partner will also have a small sign in their booths with instructions for posting your submissions, so keep an eye out while walking the floor.

You can also stop by the ASTRO booth #842 and take a picture of our partner list so you don’t forget the details.

PAXSTRO 2014 prizes

There are 2 types of gaming bundles to win: 

  • – (1) Xbox One Grand Prize Bundle – One Grand Prize winner will be selected for their photo submissions after PAX.
  • – (4) Daily Mini Prize Bundles – One Mini Bundle winner will be selected each day for their photo submissions.
  • – We will contact the winners on Instagram/Twitter direct messaging and ship the prize bundles after PAX. (Some of the prizes are not available until November and will ship once they release to the public)

Daily Mini Prize Bundles (4)

  • – ASTRO Gaming – A30 headset.
  • – Team Curse – Shirt.
  • – Elgato – Game Capture HD60.
  • – GAEMS PGE – Discount code.
  • – Gunnar Eyewear – Intercept Colors.
  • – Deep Silver – Metro Redux code.
  • – Next Level – Shirts & Pinny Arcade Pin.
  • – ADULT SWIM – Mega Coin Squad steam code
  • – Ubisoft – Assassins Creed Unity A40 Speaker Tags.
  • – DoubleFine – Massive Chalice/Costume Quest Shirt.
  • – Origin – Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare PC download code.
  • – Age Of Empires – AoE 3: Complete Collection, AoE 2: HD & Age of Mythology: Extended – PC download codes.
  • – 343 Industries – Halo: Master Chief Collection – Speaker Tags & Xbox download code (Code available early November)
  • – Klei Entertainment – Don’t Starve: Steam Code/Pin Pack/Blind Box Figure & Invisible Inc. Steam Code + Lock Pick Set.
  • – Square Enix – PS3/Ps4/Xbox One Games! – One of the following: Thief, FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Directors Cut, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, or FINAL FANTASY X | X-2 HD Remaster.


Grand Prize Bundle w/ over $1500 in value! – Win everything from the Daily Mini Bundle, PLUS:



#PAXSTRO Requirements for entry



Rules for photo submissions:

  • 1.  Photos can be posted on Twitter, Instagram or both.
  • 2.  Must contain the #PAXSTRO hashtag.
  • 3.  Must also contain the secondary hashtag provided by ASTRO that corresponds to the partner booth featured in your photo. (booth & hashtag list below)
  • 4.  To be considered for the Daily Mini Prize Bundles, photos must be submitted the same day they are taken at PAX. August 28th – September 1st.
  • 5.  To be considered for the Grand Prize Xbox One Bundle, photos must be submitted before September 2nd at 11:59 PM PDT.
  • 6.  Must post a minimum of 4 photos from our partner’s booths to enter the scavenger hunt.
  • 7.  To win the Grand Prize Bundle, one of your 4 photos must be from the Loot Crate booth #7410 with both hashtags: #PAXSTRO + #LootPAX. (Shout out to our friends at Loot Crate for providing the Xbox One. Thanks!)
  • – Your chances of winning increase with the amount of #PAXSTRO posts you make. Quality pictures and content could also get you featured on our website and social media channels!


#PAXSTRO Booth Numbers & Hashtags



  • – ASTRO GAMING – #842 – #PAXSTRO
  • – LOOTCRATE – #7410 – #LootPAX (Required for Grand Prize Bundle.)
  • – AGE OF EMPIRES – #6608 – #AOEatPAX
  • – DEEP SILVER – #3630 – #DeepSilver
  • – DOUBLEFINE – #117 – #DoublePAX
  • – GUNNAR – #3834 – #GUNNSTRO
  • – GAMES – #3203 –  #GAEMSatPAX
  • – KLEI – #3444 – #KleiPAX
  • – ADULT SWIM – #6516 – #AdultSwimGames
  • – SKULLCANDY – #3117 – #Skullcandy
  • – SQUARE ENIX – #3630 – #SEASTRO
  • – UBISOFT – #612 + 642 – #MasterAssassin
  • – 343 Industries – EVERYWHERE! – #Halo


Alternate methods of entry: Take pictures from the show floor, outside or after-parties using our 2 hashtags, #PAXSTRO and:

  • #Curse – Post a picture from our Team Curse Meet & Greet at the ASTRO Booth, Friday at 12pm.
  • #Family – Post a picture wearing your ASTRO headsets, bags or apparel @ PAX.
  • #Halo – Post a picture of anything Halo @ PAX. – Pros, cosplay, game play, speaker tags, etc.
  • #LCS – Post a picture from the League Of Legends Playoffs @ PAX.
  • #TableTop – Post a picture from the table top area @ PAX.
  • #PCPlay – Post a picture from the PC Free to Play and BYOC area @ PAX.
  • #Cosplay – Post a picture of your favorite cosplay @ PAX.
  • #AfterParty – Post a picture of your PAX after party. – Club, hotel, restaurant, etc.


As always, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch for all things ASTRO. See you at PAX, ASTRO Family!


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