The Next Generation

We contributed to the PAX Prime 2014 excitement the best way we knew how: by announcing the next generation in ASTRO Gaming. We’ve given the headsets you know a tune up, tailoring each to your console of choice. We’ll be going over each headset in more detail later on, but here is the new line up you can expect:
PlayStation 4

A40 Headset + MixAmp Pro
We’ve updated this headset to expertly compliment the latest in the PlayStation family, while maintaining its versatility. Bundled with our signature MixAmp Pro, this A40 headset is still fully compatible with older consoles and the PC.

A50 Headset

Built to match your PlayStation 4, this A50 also brings immersive sound to your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC games. We’ve fine-tuned the wireless headset you already love so it can keep up with your gaming habits old and new.


Xbox One

A40 Headset + MixAmp M80
We’ve tuned our classic A40 headset to go head to head with the Xbox One, including crafting the all new MixAmp M80. Attached to your Xbox One controller for easy access that doesn’t interfere with your game, the MixAmp M80 allows complete control of your game sound.

A50 Headset
We’ve reworked this A50 to pair with your Xbox One, bringing intense sound and the wireless experience to the next generation of Xbox gaming.
We’re also adding an exclusive Halo A50 headset, decked out in a style fit for the Master Chief himself. This product includes the new AG1 chat cable for full voice chat support on Xbox One.


A38 Headset
Our noise-cancelling Bluetooth enabled device brings powerful audio wherever you go. After an incredibly successful beta period, our A38 premiered at PAX Prime 2014 and releases on on Monday, September 15.



  1. So my next question: is there an astro configuration that is compatible with both my pc and my xbox 1? I’m to lazy to do research before asking questions. Including looking at the back of my xbox one

    1. you can buy the xbox one stereo headset adapter for the xbox one and connect it to a normal xbox 360 cable to your controller from your mixamp pro

  2. Please can you make the Xbox One A50’s in the same colour as the PS4 version, I like that version but only have an Xbox One

  3. So any specific changes to the A50 for PC? It says the headset has been ‘fine-tuned’ but no specific changes.

  4. So now it doesn’t work on all my devices… that’s a downgrade. No thanks.

  5. Woah. Good thing I waited, looking forward to A50 as my Christmas present.

  6. Will there be an adapter to the old a40s to the Xbox one ? I don’t want to buy an entire new headset when my current functions perfectly. I have the 2011 edition.

  7. Will we ever get that firmware update for the A50’s that were promised to us years ago to allow us to change or disable the auto-of “feature” on the headset? You know, the same firmware you promised us that we could also create our own EQ settings.

    Maybe if we can get an actual explanation of what “fine-tuned” means, beyond changing up the appearance. Or was that pretty much it?

  8. Gamstop has the A40+M80 for Xbox One listed as $199 and a release date of 11/1/14. How true that is though is anyone’s guess.

  9. Astro headset’s are crazily over priced, and so not worth the money. I have been using a playstation gold headset for Destiny, and that is more than ‘fancy’ enough for anyone.

  10. When are these going to be on sale please? The new mixamp looks swish!

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