The ASTRO Edition Headsets & MixAmp Pro

The next generation of ASTRO products are live! We wanted to take a moment to talk about these products in more detail.

We’ve divided this series into two parts, one covering ASTRO Edition headsets that will pair with your PlayStation 4, PC and more, and one covering Xbox One Edition headsets designed specifically for the Xbox One.

The A40 + MixAmp Pro

The A40 ASTRO Edition headsets are getting two new bold looks.


Updated with a sleeker graphic look for tournament professionals, the light grey A40 makes a strong statement and features our signature ASTRO orange as an accent. This headset is the perfect canvas for a pair of your favorite speaker tags to stand out.


The dark grey A40 ASTRO Edition headset offers an update to our classic monochrome frame. Both headsets are more durable, have been equipped with new sizing adjustment indicators to allow precise fit, and are lined with plush cushions to allow for hours of comfortable gameplay.

We’ve also tuned up the mechanics under the hood so your audio experience keeps pace with your next generation games. Experience games exactly as developers intended, including all the subtle details like the footsteps of an approaching enemy. The unidirectional mic may be worn on either side of the headset and focuses on your voice so you can communicate with your teammates without picking up any background noise.

The MixAmp Pro was also reworked visually to provide a more contemporary look. The MixAmp Pro still provides the most versatile and accurate game audio experience on any console, featuring our unique daisy-chaining feature for direct voice communications in a tournament setup. You can still control your game and voice balancing simply and integrate the product easily into any home streaming setup. The MixAmp Pro still features Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 decoding, delivering Dolby Headphone audio we originally introduced to gamers.

The MixAmp Pro 4 EQ modes include:

  • Media: Enhanced bass, for movies and music
  • Core: Balanced for single player gaming
  • Pro: Boosted high frequencies for competitive gameplay
  • ASTRO: Especially designed for LAN environments




The A50 ASTRO Edition


We’ve added vibrant blue accents to our A50 ASTRO Edition’s black frame and complimented it with chrome sizing adjustment tubes to create a sleek new look. This headset is still lightweight and custom designed for the exceptional comfort required by professional gamers.

The A50 ASTRO Edition is compatible with your favorite consoles as well as PC and Mac. With Dolby® 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound decoding, the A50 delivers the best fully wireless gaming experience for your PS4 and still works with your last-gen consoles too like PS3 and Xbox 360 (requires additional chat cable not included).

The A50s are equipped with KleerNet’s 5.8 GHz wireless technology, designed for unimpaired performance amongst the array of other RF traffic. ASTRO Gaming’s integrated MixAmp™ technology allows for precise control of game and voice balancing, and the pro quality unidirectional mic with flip-up mute makes game communications clear and simple.

The A50 3 EQ modes include:

  • Pro: Boosted high frequencies for competitive gameplay
  • Core: Balanced for single player gaming
  • Media: Enhanced bass, for movies and music

Get your ASTRO Edition products at now, and game on!