#Gen2 Xbox One Edition

We know a lot of you are excited about the latest additions to the ASTRO lineup. So to answer some of your questions, we wanted to go over our newest Xbox One Edition products in more detail.


The A40 + M80



The A40 is rocking a cool grey exterior with vibrant blue accents, and as before, you’ll be able to further customize your A40’s look by taking advantage of the interchangeable magnetic speaker tags. Equally important, the fit is highly customizable–the new adjustable headband combined with extremely plush ear cushions allows for comfort that lasts for hours of gameplay.

This headset delivers game audio from your Xbox One with incredible clarity, allowing you to hear even the subtlest aspects of your game’s soundscape. The unidirectional mic may be worn on either side of the headset, and offers superior vocal communication, clearly capturing your voice without picking up background noise.

The MixAmp M80 is a newcomer to the team, it’s exclusively paired with the A40 headset and will not be sold separately. Providing amplified stereo sound, the MixAmp M80 is equipped with 3 different EQ modes and attaches directly to your Xbox One controller.

The MixAmp M80 EQ Modes include:

  • Pro: Boosted high frequencies for competitive gameplay
  • Core: Balanced for single player gaming
  • Media: Enhanced bass, for movies and music



Like the MixAmp Pro, the MixAmp M80 includes integrated game and voice mixing functions, allowing you to isolate game sounds or amplify the voice of your teammates, without ever taking your hands off the controls. LED lights on the MixAmp M80 help indicate a variety of product settings.


The A50 (The Xbox One Edition)XBA50Cover_Black

ASTRO Gaming’s A50 Wireless headset has been reworked and updated to perfectly accompany the Xbox One. There are three new colors total including black, white (exclusively available only at Best Buy) and the licensed Halo edition, releasing November 1.

The Xbox One Edition A50 is still decked out in classic black, but we’ve added a chrome finish and of course accented it with Xbox’s signature green. The product also features a new headband with greater comfort and durability than previous generation products.

But the Xbox One A50 doesn’t just look good–it’s been fine-tuned by ASTRO’s expert audio team. Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound keeps you fully immersed in the experience, whether you’re using your Xbox One for gaming, enjoying a feature film, or listening to your favorite album on repeat.

The A50s are equipped with KleerNet’s 5.8 GHz wireless technology, designed for unimpaired performance amongst the array of other RF traffic. ASTRO Gaming’s integrated MixAmp™ technology allows for precise control of game and voice mixing. Game chat is enabled through the AG-1 which connects from the headset to the controller, and the pro quality unidirectional mic with flip-up mute makes game communications clear and simple.

The A50 EQ modes include:

  • Pro: Boosted high frequencies for competitive gameplay
  • Core: Balanced for single player gaming
  • Media: Enhanced bass, for movies and music




Get your own Xbox Edition headset at ASTROGAMING.com.

Until next time, game on!


Ben noonan