Meet the Family: Mr Amplified

ASTRO’s Stream Team consists of hand-picked live-streamers of varying interests and styles. On top of hosting on the ASTRO channel, they run their own streams and provide monthly give-aways of ASTRO products.

Gary, aka Mr. Amplified is an Ireland-based streamer who plays a wide variety of games, but is particularly passionate about first person shooters. He prides himself on vibrant interaction with his viewers and keeping them entertained.

ASTRO: How did you first get into gaming?
Mr. Amplified: One word: Pokemon.

ASTRO: What game(s) are you currently playing?
Mr. Amplified: CoD, GTA, Destiny, Forza, Halo–a few others.

ASTRO: Which game(s) or game series has been with you the longest? What can you not get enough of?
Mr. Amplified: Halo was the first fps game I ever played–it got me into competitive gaming and to where I am today.

ASTRO: What is your favorite game-related memory and why?
Mr. Amplified: It would have to be playing Pokemon on my green Game Boy–the free roaming adventure was just amazing.

ASTRO: What do you hope to see in the future of gaming?
Mr. Amplified: Gaming is evolving more and more every day, Its not what I hope to see, its what I hope not to see. I want micro dlcs and half finished games for ridiculous prices to stop.

ASTRO: If you could tell your younger-self one thing, what would you say?
Mr. Amplified: It will all eventually be worth it.

ASTRO: What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?
Mr. Amplified: I have a few tips I tell my viewers. 1. Webcam – make a connection with your viewers. 2. Stream schedule – keep your hours constant. 3. Don’t do what everyone else is doing – just because its working for someone else, doesn’t mean it might be the best choice for you.

ASTRO: What, in your opinion, makes your stream unique and awesome?
Mr. Amplified: There isn’t that many Irish streamers, I bring good game-footage as well as for a great connection with my viewers with the interaction I provide.

ASTRO: What has been your favorite game to stream thus far?
Mr. Amplified: Titanfall was a great and fun game to stream, but Black ops II is just so great to play with my viewers in.

ASTRO: Which Astros are your favorite to use?
Mr. Amplified: I’m currently using A40s that I purchased last year. I’m hoping to try out A50s and dying to try the A38s. I’m currently rocking custom ”AmpArmy” tags.

ASTRO: What do you do when you’re not streaming?
Mr. Amplified: I stream 10 hours a day, every day. I don’t really have much time off stream. The few hours I do have, I hang out with my friends or my girlfriend.

ASTRO: What about your hobbies—those fabled things you do for fun when you’re not gaming?
Mr. Amplified: Sleeping is definitely high up in the list, right next to eating.

ASTRO: Favorite vacation spot?
Mr. Amplified: I’d love to travel to America

ASTRO: Best movie of all time in your opinion?
Mr. Amplified: Cant bring myself to pick just one, so many amazing movies.

ASTRO: The music that is, to put it succinctly, “your jam”?
Mr. Amplified: I’m pretty open with all music, not usually a fan of those songs on the radio you hear a billion times until it kills it for you.

ASTRO: And speaking of jam—what’s your favorite food?
Mr. Amplified: Got to love me some KFC

ASTRO: Best brain food (books, a quote, TV shows etc):
Mr. Amplified: I don’t even own a TV. I’m also dyslexic so reading isn’t really the best choice for me. I’d have to say forward thinking things like ”How can I do this better?”

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