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Hello, ASTRO family, Kiri here with the ASTRO report on what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks.


We added quite a few new folks to our ASTRO Stream Team! We’ll be highlight each one of them in our “Meet The Family” blog series so you’ll be able to get to know them further, and a better idea of what to expect on their livestreams.

Action Jaxon – Full-time student and husband with a love for World of Warcraft and Crash Bandicoot.

GoldGlove – Youtuber who enjoys a variety of games and interacting with his chat.

AnthonyACC – Writer for StrengthGamer.Com and certified personal trainer.

IpodKingCarter – Youtuber with a love for games like NBA 2k, FIFA, and NHL as well as providing walkthroughs for multiple titles.

Adren_TV – Counter Strike addict.

Oshi7 & Serenity – Married streamers specializing in PC Games.

Drift0r – Youtuber specializing in guides and tip videos for Call of Duty weapons, perks, and tactics.

KYR Sp33dy – Humorous gaming videos.

Legiqn – Voices, and comedic Gaming Videos.

NobodyEpic – Comedic video game commentary.

Mr_Amplified – Commentaries, tutorials, gameplay and more!


ASTRO eSports

Call Of Duty:

MLG Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Pro League Season 1 begins on 12/8 with $171,000 in prizes. (attached picture of qualified teams)

FaZe Clan

Picked up @FaZeSlxsheR & @FaZe_ACHES. 1st place at UMG Nashville and MLG Columbus Advanced Warfare Open $25k.

OpTic Gaming

Picked up  @OpTic_Crimsix & @OpTic_FormaL. Placed 2nd at MLG Columbus Advanced Warfare Open $25k.

OpTic Nation

Picked up @OpTic_ProoFyJC & @OpTic_TeeP. Placed 7th-8th at MLG Columbus Advanced Warfare Open $25k.

Team EnVyUs

Picked up @Clayster. Placed 5th at MLG Columbus Advanced Warfare Open $25k.


Prophecy returns as a North American team, powered by ASTRO. Picked up @ParasiteCoD @prophRicky @prophLegal @prophFears. Placed 3rd at MLG Columbus Advanced Warfare Open $25k and secured a spot in MLG Advanced Warfare Pro League Season 1.



Halo Championship Series

Handbook and Points announced. – 1st HCS LAN Event to take place on 12/12.


ESL – Halo Championship Series Season 1

Registration, Structure/Schedule, game types, roster changes and roster locks announced.

OpTic Halo

Placed 2nd in the Halo Championship Series Preseason Cup 1.

New roster @FlamesworDsQ @MLGACE @cletelorusso @AriescAries Coach @Elamite & Substitute @enable_!

International Events

PAX Australia (Australia) –October 31 – November 2


ASTRO Gaming held the proud honor of being the Official Headset of PAX–every freeplay station was fully equipped with ASTRO headsets to fully immerse players in the experience.

The ASTRO booth featured Halo: The Master Chief Collection with daily “Last Man Standing” tournaments, and we highlighted the A38’s compatability with tablets by hostingSuper Evil Megacorp for their recently released tablet MOBA: VainGlory.

Toulouse Game Show (France) – November 29 – 30


ASTRO sponsored the Lyon eSport Tournament:
A Name branded live League of Legends tournament on site at the show with A30 Audio Systems available for all the players at on the tournament stage. Winners received League of Legends A30 headsets.

Dreamhack Winter (Sweden) – November 27-30

ASTRO’s new European tradeshow booth hosted a 5v5 Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament, featuring ASTROGEN2 Products for the first time in the Nordics.


Earlier this week we released discounted bundles for the holiday season that will last through the end of the month. The perfect gift for the gamer in your life.

US Bundles:

PC League of Legends Bundle – $100

  • A30 LOL Headset, A30 Case, 5 panel Cap, Surprise Gift

PC Legendary Bundle – $400

  • A50 Wireless Headset Bundle + USB Tx, A40 Headset Case, Mission, 5 panel Cap

Xbox One Epic Bundle – $300

  • A40+M80, A40 Headset Case, 5 panel Cap, Scout backpack

Xbox One Legendary Bundle – $400

  • A50 Black/Lime, A40 Headset Case, 5 panel Cap, Scout backpack

PS4 Epic Bundle – $300

  • Dark Grey A40+MixAmp Pro, A40 Headset Case, Mission bag

PS4 Legendary Bundle – $400

  • A50 Black/Blue, A40 Headset Case, 5 panel Cap, Scout backpack


Thanks for sticking with us, and as always, game on!

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