ASTRO Instagram Roundup – February

­ASTRO Gaming is fortunate to have one of the premier Esports photographers, Enrique “OZ” Espinoza, on our team. Enrique’s photography has been featured in publications around the world such as the New York Times, and Forbes,  used by the MLG, WCS, LCS, and pretty much every other Esports league in the northern United States. Enrique consistently captures the emotional drama of the Esports stage, the intensity of the crowd, and then is able turn his camera on our products to feature the ASTRO Gaming sleek and unyielding design in a way that has yet to be matched.

Our Instagram account is dominated by photography provided by Enrique (with a few thrown in by Cole and myself so we can feel cool), and we are so proud of it that we decided to feature our favorite Instagram photos by Enrique here on the blog once a month. I’ll be picking 8 favorites based on a scientific office poll, intense user focus groups, solid data mining, and a blindfold. I hope you enjoy and appreciate Enrique’s work as much as we do.

I now present to you, this week’s ASTRO Gaming Instagram Roundup

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Game on,