ASTRO U: The XB1 vs ASTRO Edition

vs blog 2Since the dawn of time…. well, no, more like since the dawn of our Gen 2 headsets, there has been curiosity regarding the differences between the Xbox and ASTRO Edition headset lineup.

The Xbox Edition Headset was designed and optimized to work with your Xbox One console. What this means is we equipped it with hardware that easily allows you to set up with your Xbox One console and provides you with the best audio possible. Much in the same vein, our ASTRO Edition headsets were crafted to work in sync with your PS4 and PC to deliver simple set up and an exceptional audio experience.

Can I use my Xbox Edition headset with my PS4 or my ASTRO Edition headset with my Xbox?

The short answer is yes! And today we’re going to tell you how to set it all up. First, as if you were setting things up as normal, make sure that everything is updated with firmware. Controllers, headsets, transmitters, all of it.

The Xbox A40 Headset and your PlayStation 4

To make your Xbox Edition A40 Headset work with your PS4, you are going to need to purchase a standalone MixAmp Pro as well as an In-Line Mute Cable. Follow along with the hardware tutorial below.

PS4 set up:

After you’ve hooked up the hardware, you’ll need to make a few adjustments on your PS4:

Go into the “Settings” tab on your top bar of your PS4 homescreen. Now go to Settings, Sound and Screen,  Audio Output Settings, Primary Output Port, Digital Out(optical), and check Dolby Digital 5.1 ch. Hit Ok.
Under the Audio Output Settings menu select Output to Headphones and make sure Chat Audio is selected.
Also under the Audio Output Settings menu select Audio Format (priority) and make sure Bitstream(Dolby) is selected.

The ASTRO A40 Headset and your Xbox One

To use your ASTRO Edition A40 Headset with your Xbox One console, you’ll want to acquire an Xbox One Chat Adapter. You can purchase these from the Microsoft Store, or pretty much any gaming retailer. You’ll also need a 2.5 audio cable available for purchase separately on the ASTRO Gaming website.

From here it gets a little trickier. Make sure your controller has been updated, just like you would if using an Xbox Edition Headset. Plug the Xbox One Chat Adapter into the controller. Then plug in the 3.5mm to 2.5mm converter (this comes with the chat adapter). Set this aside for now.

Take your MixAmp and plug the optical cable into the back optical port, as normal. The other end will go into the back of your Xbox One Console into the optical out port. The Micro-USB will also plug into the back of the MixAmp as normal, and the other end will plug into any available USB port on your Xbox One Console.

Take your 2.5mm cable and plug the angled end into the controller port on the front end of the MixAmp Pro. Now pick up your controller and plug the free end of the 2.5mm cable into the 3.5mm to 2.5mm converter. Now plug your in-line mute cable into the headset and MixAmp Pro as normal.

Now just make sure that in your audio settings you have “Dolby” selected under bitstream. Now you’re good to go with full Dolby headphone audio at your disposal.
Chat adapter tutorial below:

The Xbox A50

The Xbox A50 already works with both consoles, however you will need to make sure the AG1 cable is NOT plugged in when you set it up with your PS4. Otherwise set it up as normal.

Now making your ASTRO Edition A50s work with your Xbox One is again, a bit trickier.

For additional supplies, you’re going to need an Xbox One Chat Adapter and a 2.5mm cable.

Your TxD transmitter will be set up as normal (see tutorial below). Please make sure your headset is correctly synced to the transmitter. This is extremely important.

Also included in this tutorial is the audio settings–these still apply. Make sure Bitstream is set to optical in the audio settings of your Xbox One console.

Since the ASTRO Edition A50 doesn’t come with an AG1 cable, here is where the Xbox One Chat Adapter steps in. Plug it into the controller, plug the 3.5mm to 2.5mm converter (included in adapter package) into the controller and plug the 2.5mm cable into the converter. Then plug the other end of the 2.5mm cable into the A50 headset.

What’s important to remember here is that you will be getting your chat audio from the Xbox One Chat Adapter and your game audio from your A50 headset. Make sure your A50 headset audio is turned all the way to GAME. Push the control until it beeps to let you know Game audio is at its max.

Then on the Xbox One Chat Adapter press the Chat audio button until IT beeps.


If you’re hearing a weird delay/duplicate audio, it means these are not properly set.

And voila! That’s all it takes to make your Xbox Edition gear work in harmony with your PlayStation 4 console.

Go forth with your new knowledge, and of course, game on!