Dungeons and Designers: Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anything.

ASTRO is known for its premium product, great design, and authentic roots.

Because ASTRO prides itself on its design, it pushes me to do great work and pushes me to help my colleagues achieve their vision. Being a gamer and a designer forms a combination of competitiveness and the urge to keep perfecting my craft, so that ASTRO stays at the top.Blog_Body_Keith_Haring_1

With all the pressure on me to keep evolving the ASTRO brand, it is essential for me to stay inspired. I get a lot of inspiration from my co-workers at ASTRO Gaming, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Keith Haring exhibit at the De Young in San Francisco. The exhibit was sexual, graphic, and though oddly simplistic, contained huge connotations.


Seeing this exhibit really inspired me to simplify ASTRO’s visual brand to the essentials. I stress using core elements and to leverage them in a meaningful way. No overt gaming graphics, but more subtle hints and nods to gaming which are portrayed through typography, branding elements, and clean graphics. Doing this really helps mature and evolve the brand, and keeps ASTRO authentic.

Stay inspired.
Christopher Chang
A.D.D. Boss