eSports 101: Call of Duty Championship 2015

Did you know the year’s biggest Call of Duty event with a one million dollar prize pool is this weekend? If you’re not familiar with the world of eSports it can be pretty overwhelming, and we’re here to help.  Presented by Xbox, the Call of Duty Championship is happening March 27th – 29th in Los Angeles, California. Thirty-two teams from twenty-five countries will come together to compete in a single weekend where one world champion will rise triumphant. However, have no fear if you can’t make it you LA! You can witness the action LIVE as the entire event will be streamed on and Xbox.

“Four-player teams compete head-to-head in intense objective-based game modes. Building on the core Call of Duty Multiplayer experience that millions play online, the eSports variant uses a competitive ruleset that is enjoyable to both watch and play. Call of Duty eSports exists at many different levels, from casual online sessions at home to organized competitions at public venues. At the highest level, Call of Duty eSports tournaments are seen around the world by hundreds of thousands online, with the best professional teams competing for million dollar prize pools.” – 

The 32 competing teams have been split into eight groups including 4 teams each. This year we’re excited to be represented in 7 of the 8 groups by our pro teams including a few international squads. Check em out!

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Nation

Team EnVyUs

FaZe Red

FaZe Black

Team Infused (UK)

Hyper Games Team (France)



If you play Call of Duty you probably understand the details surrounding multiplayer competition, but for the ASTRO Family new to eSports, here is a basic breakdown of teams roles, maps & game modes you’ll expect to see this weekend.


In many games, the winner is based off the number of kills earned, but in Call of Duty eSports there are several types of game modes requiring expert strategy to execute a win. Here is a look at the game types you’ll see at Call Of Duty Champs:

Search & Destroy:  Plant a bomb on one of two enemy bases or kill every opponent to win a point. Score 6 points to win the match.

Capture The Flag:  Capture the opponents base flag and return it to your teams base to score a point. Score 3 points to win a round. Win 2 rounds to win the match.

Hardpoint:  Teams earn points by holding control over rotating hardpoint locations. Score 250 points in under 10 minutes to win.

Uplink:  Teams retrieve a neutral satellite drone and deposit it in the opponent’s uplink station to score one point.  Score 20 points in under 10 minutes to win. If time runs out, the team with the most points wins.



Each team consists of four players who play specific roles depending on the map and game mode. The Roles for each team may vary but these are the basics:

– Slayer/AR (Assault Rifle):  Acquire kills to earn points and prevent the opposing team from advancing.

OBJ (Objective):  Complete the objective specific to the game mode in play – planting bombs, capturing flags or holding locations.

Support/SMG:  A combination of Slayer and OBJ, the Support player offers assistance to the rest of the squad in any situation through map awareness and team positioning.

Anchor:  Retain map control through spawn points, scouting the opposition and communicating call-outs.



The maps also have a huge impact on the outcome, as teams rigorously practice their location tactics to gain the upper hand. Each map has specific locations with different advantages and commonly used names. Players will “call-out” these locations during matches to inform their team of the opposition’s positioning, and that’s where we come in. With proper team communication and quality equipment the location “call-outs” from our pro players are often the difference between a brutal loss and a one million dollar prize. Our headsets give players the advantage of surround sound audio to hear the enemy’s footsteps, gun shots and explosions, making it easy to pinpoint the action and go in for a kill. Combining the ASTRO Audio advantage with our MixAmp Pro, we’re proud to offer the gear chosen by the best Call Of Duty teams as the go-to for professional gaming.

If you want to game like the Pros, be sure to tune in all weekend long to learn from the best and support your favorite team with a new headset or Speaker Tags!

Good luck ASTRO Family! ^Siege


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