Meet The Family: iPodKingCarter

ASTRO’s Stream Team consists of hand-picked live-streamers of varying interests and styles. On top of hosting on the ASTRO channel, they run their own streams and provide monthly give-aways of ASTRO products.

David Carter, or iPodKingCarter as he is known, is a live-streamer and Youtuber from Chester Pennsylvania who highly enjoys NBA 2K, but also indulges in shooters such as Evolve, Call of Duty, Battlefield and more. He live-streams solo, but while he may joke about the lonely road, he has an audience full of gamers to chat and interact with.


ASTRO:  What kind of things can people expect from your stream?
iPodKingCarter: I play tons of NBA 2K, but I also stream shooters (like BF & COD), let’s plays (like GTA) and other sports titles from Football to UFC.

ASTRO: How did you first get into gaming?
iPodKingCarter: I specifically remember being top 5 in Metroid for Nintendo lol.

ASTRO: What game(s) are you currently playing?
iPodKingCarter: NBA 2K, Evolve, COD, GTA, Destiny, Battlefield, EA SPORTS UFC, Madden.

ASTRO: Which game(s) or game series has been with you the longest? What can you not get enough of?
iPodKingCarter: NBA 2K series is without a doubt my drug of choice. I’ve been playing that series since Dreamcast days.

ASTRO: What is your favorite game-related memory and why?
iPodKingCarter: When I got an early look at NBA 2K14 at 2K Sports HQ and I jumped over one of the developers in game for a dunk! (It was EPIC)

ASTRO: What do you hope to see in the future of gaming?
iPodKingCarter: I would love to see 3 TB hard drives for consoles as well as see some rival companies merge to make beastly titles.

ASTRO: If you could tell your younger-self one thing, what would you say?
iPodKingCarter: YERP! Go to college, but don’t forget your PS3 & btw buy a recording mic and capture card. (Just Do It)

ASTRO: What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?
iPodKingCarter: 1.Mac Book Pro 2. Yeti Microphone 3. Webcam 4. PS4 5. AstroGaming Headset. 6. ElgatoGaming Game Capture 7. Stay in school and watch me for better tips.

ASTRO: What, in your opinion, makes your stream unique and awesome?
iPodKingCarter: Well in my streams you can expect all jokes and foolery plus I love chatting with the viewers pre-stream, during stream and post-stream.

ASTRO: What has been your favorite game to stream thus far?
iPodKingCarter: NBA 2K15 has been the best because I get to play with followers, subscribers and my friends on 3 & 5 man teams.


ASTRO: Which Astros are your favorite to use?
iPodKingCarter: I love using my A38’s  truthfully I use them more than my A50’s (just imagine being on a airplane with hundreds of people but you feel like your in your own world)

ASTRO: Are they rocking any special speaker tags?
iPodKingCarter: Yes my custom fathead #TEAMIKC logo.

ASTRO: What do you do when you’re not streaming? (Other jobs/School/gaming goals etc)
iPodKingCarter: I work at an airport 40 hours a week and started a loving family of two kids with my girlfriend.

ASTRO: What about your hobbies—those fabled things you do for fun when you’re not gaming?
iPodKingCarter: I love going to the MMA gym 3 times a week and playing basketball IRL.

ASTRO: Favorite vacation spot?
iPodKingCarter: Las Vegas Baby! (We travel there 6 times a year)

ASTRO: Best movie of all time in your opinion?
iPodKingCarter: I have so many “Top 5’s” in different genres, but I can say Primal Fear was a great movie I just had the chance to see not too long ago.

ASTRO: The music that is, to put it succinctly, “your jam”?
iPodKingCarter: It would have to be Jay-Z’s “Jigga” of his album Blueprint.

ASTRO: And speaking of jam—what’s your favorite food?
iPodKingCarter: Clam Chowder from Red Lobster (oh I can’t forget them biscuits)ipodkingcarter12

ASTRO: Best brain food (books, a quote, tv shows etc):
iPodKingCarter: I read all Zane books, I have “I AM WHAT I AM” tatted on my forearm and I watch hundreds of TV Shows at work and with the family.

You can follow David’s antics by subscribing to his Youtube, his Twitch, or follow him on Twitter.