1,001 Words: Call of Duty Championship


The Call of Duty Championship is one of the biggest console events of the year, and often words can’t fully capture the competition, passion, or pride. Professionals from all over the world compete in a rigorous 3 day event, knowing only 1 team will come out on top.

Capturing these players at their stations is always a great sight to see. A blank face can represent anything from concentration to disbelief, all tying into how they’re performing in game. Though their teammates play a big role in contributing to their attitude, we can’t forget about what’s going on in their minds when they realize  a whole crowd stands in front of them, as well as thousands of fans watching online all over the world.

The calm before the storm is what’s happening before every match and being able to see teams battling it out is absolutely indescribable. In the end, only one team leaves with a victory, but they all depart with a memory.



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