ASTRO Life Mobile

We’ve mentioned some key details of the new ASTRO App available for free download to your iPhone or iPad, but we wanted to take some time to go into more detail about it.

Bring the ASTRO lifestyle to your finger tips. This app acts as a central mobile hub for all ASTRO social channels and brings out the full power of your A38 headset. Pair them up and you’ll have the ultimate ASTRO Life experience on the go.

You have instantaneous access to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, making it easy to keep up with the latest tournaments, events and promotions.

Our ASTRO app amps up the way you listen to your music on the go using an Equalizer, which much like our MixAmp Pro, allows you to custom tune your listening experience. You’ll even have access to our YouTube and Twitch channels, so you can easily watch your favorite streamers, no matter where you are.


Need some help but lost your directions? The ASTRO app gives you instant hand-held access to all quick-start guides, manuals and set up videos for all current products, giving you the tools you need to fix nearly any issue.

Create a custom playlist to listen to music stored on your device. Use one of our four EQ pre-sets (Natural, Rock, Voice, Bass), or finely tune five individual custom sliders, to design the perfect audio experience for your music.

Headset Bias
Intensify your music by taking advantage of the ASTRO app’s headphone bias feature, and pair it with your A38 or A40 Headset. By selecting your headset of choice in the app, your sound will configure for optimal listening.

In the market to add an ASTRO headset to your collection? Our promo section keeps you up to date with our newest products and promotional codes to help you get the best deal on your purchase.

Our Video feature connects you directly to ASTROs YouTube page, giving you access to the latest content from events, or our newest product releases.

Check in with the Twitch section of our Video option and be instantly connected with whomever is streaming on the ASTRO Stream Team Twitch Channel.

Give your phone a little extra style by equipping one of our free ASTRO iPhone wallpapers, each emulating our passion for design and drive for excellence.

Interested? You can download the ASTRO app from the iTunes store. Join the ASTRO life.