Instagram Roundup: March

I’m gonna be honest; I almost missed this post today. This is usually the space where I go off about how awesome Enrique’s photography is, and how awe inspired I am by it.

That’s all true, but today as I was putting this roundup together I had a different thought.

April’s Instagram made me feel nostalgic for last month. Life in the industry, and perhaps just life in general, moves so quickly. I look back the pictures from COD Champs and it feels like it was months, if not years, ago. As soon as the lights go out after one event we are all getting ready for the next. Multiple tournaments have come and gone, and E3 is looming in the near future, new products are about to launch, and last month feels like ancient history. It’s nice to be able to take 10 minutes and look back at how amazing April was, with the excitement, action, and surprises of COD Champs, the news from NadeShot, and the introduction of the next version of the FLAK Jacket.

Enjoy my few minutes of nostalgia for months gone by.