The ASTRO Report

Hey ASTRO Family, it’s already the last Friday of the month! Those 30-Day months are sneaky like that. Regardless, that means it’s time to report on what ASTRO and its family have been up to, and more excitingly – what we’re going to do next.

April saw a lot of excitement, the announcement of Black Ops 3, and a whole new look at the concert scene from Guitar Hero Live–which had us on our toes from both a pro gamer and audiophile standpoint.

Halo: Spartan Strike Released
It was also exciting for our Halo partners, who launched the next addition to their franchise.  Halo: Spartan Strike, available on Windows 8/8.1, Windows Phone 8/8.1, iPhone and iPad,  is a top-down shooter which gives players a new look into the battle between the UNSC and the Covenant. To celebrate this latest tale in the Halo Universe, we crafted our very own Halo: Spartan Strike Speaker Tags. The simple yet classic design is just what your A38’s need to show off your Spartan pride and take them to the next level.

Signature Flak Jacket Coming Soon!
Much in the same vein, our signature urban flak jacket has received a few upgrades of its own. We’re armoring you with the latest in nanosphere technology, giving you an edge over the elements themselves. This fabric is resistant to snow, rain, even stains. Strong velcro arm patches allow you to display your allegiance or simply show off your style. Trade them, swap them, much like our signature Speaker Tags, you’ll want to collect them all.


How hard you play should never be limited by your gear, so we’ve made sure that each Flak Jacket is reinforced and made with heavy  rib elastic. Not only will you look like a pro, you’ll have gear tough enough to play like one–no matter where you game. And while it won’t be officially releasing until April 30th, you’ve likely seen some of our pros showing it off at events. They made their public debut at the Call of Duty Championships.

Team EnVyUs

Team EnVyUs won 3rd/4th place at the ESL CSGO Pro League Winter Finals. You can watch EnVyUs play an impressive game against Na’Vi from those playoffs.

DreamHack Bucharest CSGO Series Finale
Hop onto Twitch! LIVE today through the 26th of April to watch the DreamHack Bucharest CSGO Series Finale Live!
You also won’t want to miss the DreamHack France: Open Tours LIVE at, May 8th through the 10th.

Call of Duty
After recent roster changes, the squad has been on an impressive win streak, rising into the top 5 teams of the Call of Duty MLG Pro League.

Next upcoming events:

UGC Niagara 2015: April 24 – 26 LIVE on
UMG California 2015: May 15 – 17 LIVE on

OpTic Gaming
Surprise, surprise! OpTic Gaming still dominates the Call of Duty MLG Pro League Season 2 and MLG Pro Points Leaderboard!

FaZe Clan is graciously loaning Ian “Enable” Wyatt to OpTic Gaming for at ESWC 2015 in Paris, who will substitute in for Damon “Karma” Barlow. Karma will sadly not be able to attend the event with his teammates due to the ongoing process of becoming an American Citizen.  While he will continue to compete with his teammates, for now he’ll have to cheer along with the rest of the GreenWall.



Halo eSports:

The ASTRO Spartans Halo: CE 2v2 tournament is this Saturday! Compete against the best Halo: CE players to earn major cash and some sweet, sweet ASTRO gear, including ASTRO A40 Halo Edition Headsets and Master Chief Collection Speaker Tags.

And to celebrate the ASTRO-powered tournament, you could win a set of ASTRO’s original Halo inspired BXR A40s with the ASTRO A40 Headset Giveaway! Ends Thursday April 30th, so Enter Today!

Also worthy of mention, Evil Geniuses won the HCS S2 Opener for their 8th win in a row! …not a bad streak, if I do so myself!


Finally, the results for the Survivor GameZ VI Complete:

1st Place: @PsiSyndicate & @kattnftl
2nd Place: @Sacriel42 & @Break_71
3rd Place: @SilentSentryTV & @AnthonyKongphan

It was a tough battle to be sure but in the end, we personally made sure that our lucky first place winners took home quite the haul for their troubles:

SGZVI Prize Photo


If you’re tuning into C2E2 this weekend, or UGC Niagra, you’ll also notice players are competing with our very own ASTRO A40s &  MixAmp Pros to ensure they play at the top of their game.

Thank you for a wonderful month. Join us on Twitter to keep up with the action. We’ll see you next time!