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May has been an eventful time for us at ASTRO HQ, but even with everything that we’re closing out this month, we’ve got so much ahead of us. E3, GamesCom and PAX Prime are just three of the events we need to be ready for this summer–and we want to make sure you’re ready too.

We’ve outlined everything you’ll need in order to pack, travel, and represent your ASTRO family at any of these events, no matter if you’re exploring the expo hall, or getting ready to compete in a tournament. And if you need a little help filling your suitcase? All gaming apparel* is available on for 50% off and includes free shipping on your order. We’ve got everything you need to make sure you’re convention ready.

ASTRO was very proud this month to make an appearance at DreamHack France with our European trade show booth. We were able to offer a first in-person look at our products for the local attendees both in the booth as well as inside the Xbox Play area.

We closed out the month by participating at CES Asia, the first of it’s kind, in celebration of the launch of our new Chinese website:! Although much smaller than it’s Las Vegas sibling, CES Asia showcased a number of new gizmos and gadgets. ASTRO stood among cutting edge technologies like a self-driving super car and a sleep cap that creates resonant audio signals to stimulate brainwaves in order to ease you off to dreamland. As one of the only true gaming brands present at the show, we gave the attendees a much needed mental break with playable kiosks provided by the local Xbox team, and an audio experience powered by our A50 wireless headsets and A40 + MixAmp M80.

Dreamhack 4

ASTRO eSports

Lately we’ve really been striving to expand ASTRO eSports into new markets and help our community grow. As part of this initiative we’ve branched out into countries around the world, announcing official partnerships with DreamHack, the Australian Cyber League (ACL) and the European Gaming League (EGL.) X Games is also coming up fast and we can’t wait to watch the action sports and eSports communities come together for a week of awesomeness. So much CoD and just in time for summer. Let’s gooo!



Team EnVyUs

CSGO – The Boys In Blue recently hit the DreamHack circuit to battle against some of Europe’s top teams. First stop was DreamHack Bucharest for the CSGO Series Finals earning a 4th place ranking. They continued fighting through the circuit at the first ever DreamHack France, right in their own backyards. After a long weekend of back and forth battles Team EnVy faced EU legends FNATIC in the Grand Finals for a brutal series, but fell in the final matches taking home a 2nd place finish. GG EnVy!

Call Of Duty – After a timely roster change the CoD Squad pulled ahead for a 7th place finish in Season 2 of the MLG Call of Duty Pro Circuit, and qualified for the Grand Finals at X Games Austin in June. So clutch! Other honorable mentions from May include a 5th place finish at the Gfinity CoD Masters and 4th place finish at UMG California. Keep up the good work!


OpTic Gaming

Call of Duty – OpTic recently swept the competition up at the European ESWC Invitational and Gfinity CoD Masters, taking 1st place at both tournaments. Returning home, the team headed straight to UMG California, continuing their sweep with a 1st place win at the final LAN before X Games.  After a dominating run, the squad also finished 1st in regular pro season earning the the first seed at X Games and a chance to defend their title of 2014 Gold Medal Champs. Good luck GreenWall!



Beyond Entertainment

Halo – We launched a video submission contest with Beyond Entertainment, where fans enter their best Halo clips for a community vote. The ASTRO Spartans Clip Off! The top 12 clips have been spilt into 2 montages with 2 weeks of fan voting. (One video per week) The top 3 clips from both weeks will enter a 3rd montage for a final vote, and a chance to win Halo A50s, A40s and Speaker Tags. The submission window has closed for clips, and the first montage is ready for voting. Check it out & vote!

We’ve got a lot more coming at you in June, so stay tuned and game on!

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