ASTRO Server

The Wrecking Crew has been working hard to create online venues to hang out with your fellow ASTRO Family members. We’ve constructed ASTRO servers for Battlefield: Hardline, DayZ, Minecraft and even Teamspeak 3.
Compete against or team up with other community members in the game world of your choice. You’ll even run into a few staff members on their off hours.

Much like the days of playground kickball, where he who owned the ball made the rules, since we are responsible for these servers, we have a few guidelines we need everyone to follow.

1. Remember these Channels are for all ages. Avoid use of derogatory language.
2. Homophobic, misogynistic, racial slurs, etc. will NOT be tolerated.
3. Never give out/ask for any login information – this will get you banned ASAP.
4. Respect room designations – please don’t drop into a titled room and talk about other games, or disrespect the game being played or the streamer you are visiting.
5. Be excellent to each other.
6. Please respect other players on the Minecraft server. Destroying other people’s creations, farms, houses, etc. will make Thadeous & Xariun very grumpy, and may result in a banning.
7. No, sorry, you cannot be a mod.
8. Please do not ask the ASTRO Staff about sponsorship or free headsets.
9. Please do not ask the ASTRO Staff about tech support. Most of us are on the TeamSpeak server on our time off, enjoying our games just like you.
10. Do not share illegal or illicit material in chat. This will make Fletch cry. It will also get you banned.

Cool? Cool. Then by all means, game on!


Teamspeak 3 – Voice Communication Server

Capacity: 70 Users
Port: 10537

Battlefield – Battlefield 3/Battlefield 4/Battlefield: Hardline

Searchable on Battlelog by “[AGSF]” or “ASTRO”
Mixed Game Types and Modes. Currently set to 32 player mix of Bloodmoney/Heist/Small Conquest
Capacity: Up to 64 Users
Port: 19567


Searchable by “ASTRO”
Capacity: 50 Users
Port: 2302

Minecraft – US

Currently with a vanilla configuration.
Capacity: 30 Users
Port: 28965

Minecraft – UK

Currently with a vanilla configuration.
Capacity: 30 Users
Port: 25665

Feel free to leave any questions regarding getting set up in the comments and we hope to see you there!