eSports Update – May 2015

What’s up ASTRO Family? Busy times! The eSports grind is going strong and we’ve got an update to keep you up to speed. Let’s go!

OpTic Gaming

OpTic was invited to the ESWC Call of Duty LAN in Paris, France last weekend to battle against top teams from around the world and they won 1st place. Congrats OpTic!



FaZe Clan is loaning Ian “Enable” Wyatt to OpTic Gaming who will substitute in for Damon “Karma” Barlow at the Gfinity CoD Masters in London this weekend.

 You can watch OpTic Gaming & OpTic Nation at the Gfinity Call of Duty Masters in London, England: May 8-10th LIVE on


OpTic GamingKarma, Formal, CrimsixScump sub: Enable

OpTic NationKilla, Mirx, MBozeRicky



Team EnVyUs

– Starcraft – Violet has qualified for the Starcraft World Championship Series Season 2 Premiere Division!

– Watch Violet’s first match of the WCS Season 2 on May 23rd @ 12pm, LIVE on the WCS Portal & Twitch.

Cole Image


– EnVy CSGO has entered the ESL & ESEA CSGO Pro League with a $500,000 prize pool. Good luck!

– Watch the CSGO Squad at DreamHack France this weekend: May 9-10th LIVE on

– After a roster change EnVy CoD has climbed the ranks of the MLG Pro League and now sit in the top 3 teams for Season 2.

– They also took a trip to Canada for the UGC Niagara LAN and won 2nd place. GG Boys In Blue!

– You can watch EnVy CoD at the Gfinity Call of Duty Masters in London, England: May 8-10th LIVE on


– Starcaft – Violet

– CoDProofy, TeeP, LoonySaints

 CSGO – HappyShoxNBK, KioshimaSmithz

See what the CSGO hype is all about in these highlights from Team EnVy winning the SLTV XII Championship!



Last, but not least, we’ve also partnered with the Australian Cyber League (ACL) to help further develop and support the growth of Australian eSports. We’ve seen some impressive teams come from down under at the Call of Duty Championship and look forward to helping the Aussie community succeed on the world stage. Their next event, ACL Brisbane, will feature tournaments for both Call of Duty and Halo. Check ’em out & get involved!



That’s all folks! Until next time!

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