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As our fellow ASTRO Family members don their gowns and throw their caps into the air, and the sun inexplicably goes into hibernation, we at the San Francisco office know that summer truly is just around the corner. This means a LOT of events where you’ll be able to mingle with your fellow gamers and audiophiles–places like XGames, E3, San Diego ComicCon, and PAX just to name a few–and we know you’ll want to represent.

If you’re traveling out of town, you’ll need a bag you can depend on. Our signature Mission Bag and Scout Backpack are made with durable ballistic nylon and EVA-injected reinforced frame so what you pack stays protected, no matter how you transport yourself. Both are designed to act as your carry-on item and fit in most overhead compartments. While both were made to carry your favorite console, headsets, games and controllers, the Mission acts most effectively as an overnight bag, whereas the Scout is compact and comfortable enough that you could easily wear it around the convention itself.

We’ve all thought at one point that planes would be so much better if you could fly alone. Actual leg room, never having to climb over anyone to get to the restroom, or fight for the arm rests. Unfortunately ASTRO can’t provide you with your own private plane, but we can replicate the experience. With the A38 headset’s noise cancelling technology, you can tune out unwanted noise, from an over-talkative seatmate to that poor screaming baby a few rows behind you. Indulge in your favorite mobile game, or simply kick back with music and relax for that only-one-in-the-world audio experience.

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From hats to hoodies, ASTRO Gaming Apparel provides a variety of options no matter where you’re traveling. Represent your ASTRO pride as you walk around the convention floor with our iconic t-shirts, hoodies, hats & beanies. Not only is each emblazoned with ASTRO’s signature style, but you’ll easily be identified by your fellow Family members and crew. Comfortable, and built for anything, our clothing is an essential staple to any gaming convention or event.

To celebrate convention season all Gaming Apparel* will be 50% off! All products are made with high quality fabric and expertly designed, so you know you’re looking sharp when showing off your ASTRO Family pride.

With this kind of offer on the table and so many great events on the horizon, we have just one question for you: Are you Convention Ready?


* We’ve partnered with one of our favorite convention teams to bring you the ultimate con ready travel pack! Our friends at Filthy Casual are true convention lovers who make a point set up shop at nearly every gaming con around the country, promoting their awesome brand and apparel. Both Mike and Jason from FC already love the ASTRO Family and we couldn’t think of a better partner to represent the con circuit than w/ Filthy Casual apparel, and now is your chance to win some!

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Convention Ready w/ Filthy Casual.

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*Sale on Gaming Clothing does not include the ASTRO FLAK Jacket.