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ASTRO’s Stream Team consists of hand-picked live-streamers of varying interests and styles. On top of hosting on the ASTRO channel, they run their own streams and provide monthly give-aways of ASTRO products.

Jordan “LEGIQN” Payton, also known as “Rich Homie LEQUAN”, is a streamer from Kansas City, Missouri. While technically streaming alone, he’s often joined by a recurring cast of friends and delights in random acts of humor, making his live-stream quite unpredictable.

ASTRO: How did you first get into gaming?
LEGIQN: I’ve been gaming since I was two years old, but I got into competitive gaming in Middle School when Halo 2 and MLG were the coolest!

ASTRO: What game(s) are you currently playing?
LEGIQN: I’m currently playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Master Chief Collection, H1Z1, and Dying Light!

ASTRO: Which game(s) or game series has been with you the longest? What can you not get enough of?
LEGIQN: The halo series has been with me the longest, but any game that I can out-shoot/ outsmart an opponent in keeps me engaged for hours!

ASTRO: What is your favorite game-related memory and why?
LEGIQN: My favorite game-related memory was my first MLG event in Orlando. It was a Halo 3 tournament, and it was crazy seeing all of my gaming idols at the time, a lot of whom I’m friends with now.

ASTRO: What do you hope to see in the future of gaming?
LEGIQN: I hope eSports really takes off, like filling out arenas all across the world. I also hope the community can continue to grow and expand so there’s more of a competitive market not only in games, but in consoles as well!

ASTRO: If you could tell your younger-self one thing, what would you say?
LEGIQN: I would tell myself to have made a YouTube Channel much earlier! Creating content is so fun, and streaming is even better. There’s nothing like entertaining thousands of people on a daily basis.

ASTRO: What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?
LEGIQN: I would tell them to find their niche, and to be themselves. Copying someone else’s formula doesn’t mean it will work the same way every time. It’s important to focus on creating a fun and interesting experience for viewers so they keep coming back!

10842082_10153110944668468_5606270837784044662_oASTRO: What, in your opinion, makes your stream unique and awesome?
LEGIQN: My stream is unpredictable. Sometimes I’m streaming for skill, and other times I’m streaming for the purpose of trolling. I’m always however, streaming to make viewers laugh!

ASTRO: What has been your favorite game to stream thus far?
LEGIQN: My favorite game to stream is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

ASTRO: Which ASTROs are your favorite to use?
LEGIQN: My favorite ASTROs are my OG A40s from 2009. I’ve been an ASTRO fan since the prototypes, and I haven’t looked back since.

ASTRO: Are they rocking any special speaker tags?
LEGIQN: I’ve had custom black and pink speaker tags since 2011! I’ve also got the OG MLG tags as well as a custom vortex design to match my Halo emblem!

ASTRO: What do you do when you’re not streaming? (Other jobs/School/gaming goals etc)
LEGIQN: YouTube and streaming are my full-time job, and I’m thankful everyday! I’m actually taking a break from school at the moment to pursue building my brand even bigger! Otherwise I watch a ton of movies or am out filming sketches with my friends!

ASTRO: What about your hobbies—those fabled things you do for fun when you’re not gaming?
LEGIQN: Movies and television. I love movies and television. Those usually take up my alone time. Otherwise I’m out with friends in the city always looking for a new experience.

ASTRO: Favorite vacation spot?
LEGIQN: Puerto Rico. The ocean is so blue there, and the culture is amazing.

ASTRO: Best movie of all time in your opinion?
LEGIQN: Citizen Kane. It’s so beautifully filmed!

ASTRO: The music that is, to put it succinctly, “your jam”?
LEGIQN: Hip Hop and rap music are always blaring in my streams, but I listen to everything!

ASTRO: And speaking of jam—what’s your favorite food?
LEGIQN: My favorite food has to be sushi, or pizza… maybe sushi pizza? Yeah that sounds just about right.

ASTRO: Best brain food (books, a quote, tv shows etc):
LEGIQN: Television for sure! I’m an English Major, so maybe I should say books, but I just love TV!

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