After much anticipation, the ASTRO FLAK Jacket is now available for purchase.

This pro-style jacket is the result of a collaboration of designers and technologies, bringing you outerwear that’s efficient, comfortable, and ready for anything.

To translate that signature ASTRO style into our FLAK Jacket, we partnered with Endless Ammo, who shares our commitment to excellence. Known for their “Classic style and Covert appeal”, Endless Ammo is a future facing menswear company based in San Francisco, California. While their aesthetic is undeniable, they are first and foremost utilitarian, and employ the latest in nanotech fabrics, creating a line of clothing that can be anywhere and withstand anything.

Nanotech may sound like something out of one of our favorite games, but in reality it’s a branch of technology that deals with the application of extremely small things and can be used across a multitude of fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering. To give you an idea of how small, a nanosecond is literally one billionth of a second.


How we’ve employed this with our FLAK Jacket is through NanoSphere®, a textile finishing technology that provides a natural self-cleaning effect with an extremely high level of water and dirt repellence. Basically, by copying the structure of certain plant leaves, a fabric was developed that both water and dirt can’t adhere to. Instead, it slides off, or rinses off easily with water. This fabric is also wash permanent and resistant to abrasion or chafing, so when you do need to throw it in the washer, you can do so safely. It’s designed for heavy-duty use and able to withstand frequent washing or cleaning—but make sure you follow the care instructions.

By using this fabric to create our FLAK Jacket, we’ve ensured that water drops will run off you easily and reliably—even under constant and heavy rainfall. And because NanoSphere® was also used in the construction of Endless Ammo’s patent pending F-stop pockets, the contents are also protected from the elements.

We’ve even ensured the zipper used in the construction is also a formidable barrier against water. The Rain DefyerTM, which sounds a bit like a super hero, is a coil zipper coated in a highly water resistant polyurethane coating from LENZIP®. It’s designed for strength and durability with corrosion proof components.

We believe how hard you play should not be dictated by the limits of your gear, so we’ve reinforced the FLAK Jacket’s elbow patches, used heavy rib elastic around the wrist cuffs, and ensured the articulated under arms ventilate to keep you at the right temperature, despite the cozy fleece lining. We even included 3/4″ grommets in Endless Ammo’s F-stop cargo pockets, so you can safely route your headphone wires to your favorite hand-held device.


We’ve also included 7 patches with your jacket. A method of armor customization, similar to our Speaker Tags, all patches attach and remove easily through a strong Velcro system. Declare your allegiance, or simply show off your own personal style. Anything is possible with the ASTRO FLAK Jacket.

Buy yours now!