Instagram Roundup: May

It’s June, and that means it’s time for another Instagram roundup. We had some fun on Instagram in May, throwing out some small, and not so small, hits about an impending new A40 color. Did you miss it? Below are some of the images we posted with the new Xbox One Edition Orange / Dark Grey A40 + MixAmp M80 we just launched. In many of the photos the new headset was a bit blurry, but closer to the end of the month we started to ease up on the focus and let fans get a better look. Surprisingly only a few fans really noticed the odd new color hanging around in some of Enrique’s photos. The hints got pretty blatant when we cut up an image of the headset and gave it to some friends to post, and link together. If you managed to piece it all together and ended up with the full image congratulations, if not, here is your chance to see the full image.
Shout outs to our friends Loot Crate, omgitsfirefox, Legiqn, Enrique, OpTicH3CZ, The HK Army, and my boss Aron Drayer, thanks for helping out with our little experiment. We hope you enjoyed putting it all together. Who knows, if you keep close enough watch, you might get a peek at something new!


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