Dungeons and Designers: Design is like a relationship.

Every month we invite our graphic design team to write about the process, what informs them, where they draw creative inspiration, and how they create the iconic images that drive the ASTRO Style. This week our lead designer Christopher Chang tells us about how a recent vacation helped inform his process in a some what romantic way.  

I went to Disneyland during July 4th, and it is a magical place. Walt Disney was a visionary who made dreams come true. He really emphasized pursuing dreams, entertaining people, and had a true eye for details. Walt Disney’s inspired me when I heard his quote, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” It really inspires me to think about design and people and the similarities between them, especially the process of design and dating.

Fascinate me
In the beginning of a design process, you want to amaze and push boundaries. You research on the project just like you do research on cool date spots. The beginning is so important to the design process, because it is the time when you can stretch your imagination the most, just like how the beginning of a relationship sets up the rest of your journey.

Grab my attention
After weeding out everybody you met or swiped online, you finally want to put some effort into a potential. Now you are constantly wanting to impress them. A design should impress also and more often than not needs to have a hierarchy of elements to not only showcase what is most important first, but to also create visual interest. Use of scale, nice visuals, cool dance moves, or a topless pic are all ways to generate interest.

Simplify my life
Say you’re going steady now, and now it’s all about compatibility and compromise. You want the relationship to keep on elevating. Designers always want their designs and skills to keep elevating also. In design, more often than not, you are editing, refining, and balancing content and design. Design involves a lot of compromise with whatever relationships the project has.

Being Happy
Great work takes a lot of effort and the same goes with great relationships. You can see the work and amount of effort in the details. Enjoy the details and enjoy the simple things. Any great relationship and great design takes passion, so be passionate and enjoy it.

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