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ASTRO Gaming + Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Quoi de neuf l’ASTRO Family?! Aujourd’hui nous vous donnons l’une des meilleures nouvelles de l’année 2015! Le Crew ASTRO est ravi de vous annoncer notre partenariat avec Activision et Treyarch pour les Casques officiels Call of Duty Black Ops III! Nous avons toujours été présents au sein de la communauté eSport CoD ainsi que le casque préféré de nombreuses équipes compétitives Call of Duty, parmi lesquelles Team EnVyUs et les doubles médaillés d’Or des X-Games OpTic Gaming. de plus, notre A40 + MixAmp Pro a été dévoilé plutôt cette année lors du  Call of Duty Championship. Être le casque officiel de Black Ops III est logique pour nous, et une étape naturelle pour nos fans. Afin de célébrer cette superbe annonce l’ASTRO Gaming Crew  a streamé du Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta depuis notre bureau de San Francisco toute la journée avec nos amis LEGIQN, et offert à nos fans l’opportunité de prendre part à la Bêta.



ASTRO News @fr

ASTRO Gaming + Call of Duty: Black Ops III

What’s up ASTRO Family?!

Today we bring you some of our most outstanding news of the year! The ASTRO Crew is excited to announce our partnership with Activision and Treyarch as the official Audio Gaming Headsets of Call of Duty Black Ops III! We have always had a presence in the CoD eSports community and have been the preferred gaming headset brand for numerous competitive Call of Duty teams, including Team EnVyUs and 2-time X-Games Gold Medalists OpTic Gaming. In addition, our A40 + MixAmp Pro was featured at the Call of Duty Championship earlier this year. Becoming the official headsets of Black Ops III made sense for us, and for our fans as the next natural step.



To celebrate this monumental news the ASTRO Gaming Crew will be streaming the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta from our office in San Francisco all day today with our friend LEGIQN, and giving hundreds of our fans the opportunity to participate the beta for themselves. We will be sending Beta Codes to ASTRO Family members all day long and everyone will have a chance to win. One random Family member will be sent a beta code that includes 2 friend tokens every 30 minutes of our live stream in the following ways:

1. Check out the ASTRO Gaming Twitter & Re-tweet this post: twitter.com/ASTROGaming/status/634049625020694528
2. Hit up the ASTRO Gaming Forums
3. Go to the ASTRO Gaming Instagram
4. Celebrate the announcement on Facebook
5. Leave a comment on this blog
6. Join us today from 9am to 7pm PDT in our Twitch livestream and participate in chat.

Game on!

Beta Code redemption instructions:
1. Go to the Call of Duty Beta access site here: www.callofduty.com/blackops3/beta
2. Sign in with your Activision, PlayStation network or any other account specified on the beta access page.
3. Enter your Beta Code where prompted.
4. Open the email account associated with your above account and verify your email address.
5. Your beta code will then be emailed to you, please be patient it might take a little while.
6. Install the beta on your PS4
7. Play Call of Duty: Black Ops III!

Let’s go! www.twitch.tv/astrogaming

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