Tournament Ready: A40 + MixAmp Pro

Walk around PAX and you’ll see no shortage of livestreams and eSports broadcast from the boisterous show floor. As the industry grows, so does our passion to improve the sport of gaming. Leading the charge are livestreams & tournaments, which have transformed what it means to be a professional gamer.



As eSports environments have evolved, hearing your teammates and blocking external noise have proven to be increasingly difficult. We created the first A40 + MixAmp Pro seven years ago so teams could communicate without yelling over the audience, casters and competitors. The original A40 + MixAmp Pro featured the ability to balance Dolby 7.1 game sound with voice chat, along with a patented daisy chain system that created a private voice network. This enabled pros to hear the game clearly while strategizing with their teammates –a true game changer. Since then, we’ve seen the scale of eSports environments grow significantly, and so have the needs of professional gamers. We listened to our pro teams and our customers and developed a new vision of what the perfect headset and MixAmp should do.

Today, we’re proud to offer fans a new eSports audio solution with our Tournament Ready (TR) products featuring the A40 TR Headset, MixAmp Pro TR, A40 TR Mod Kits and the ASTRO Command Center customization software. These products provide gamers with the necessary tools to focus, hone their skills and present themselves professionally no matter when, where or how they’re gaming.

The A40 Tournament Ready headset is the solution for both eSports professionals and serious livestreamers. Available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac, they feature amazing sound quality, long-term comfort, swappable precision mic and customizable Speaker Tags. The ASTRO A40 TR headset arrives setup for open back performance with cloth ear cushions and open cans, creating less ear fatigue by allowing sound to move freely in and out of the speaker enclosure.

With the addition of an A40 TR Mod Kit, the A40 TR headset transforms into a closed back headset for greatly improved passive noise isolation. Mod Kits include magnetic, noise cancelling ear cushions, a voice isolating mic, a padded headband and closed back Speaker Tags. The silicone-lined Speaker Tags and synthetic leather ear cushions allow for far less sound to move in and out, creating improved noise reduction overall. The new bi-directional voice isolating microphone now includes an element that focus on your voice and greatly reduces background noise, just what you need for loud events or even loud roommates.



We’ve also upped our game with the new MixAmp Pro TR, as every new feature was created specifically to provide users with the necessary tools to perform at their peak in competition & content creation. The MixAmp now features digital circuitry that works in conjunction with the new ASTRO Command Center customization software. Now you’re able to customize all of your EQ settings and switch between multiple saved profiles. For Xbox One users, the new MixAmp TR no longer requires a chat cable to communicate on Xbox Live, as chat is delivered via USB.

Other key features include USB soundcard functionality for PC and Mac users, an improved inline mute cable, two stream ports (one digital, one analog) with Dolby 2.1 Headphone output, and a digital firewire daisy chain system with zero lag or interference.



We’re proud to introduce the TR product line, redefining pro performance and customization for professional gaming and content creation. Get your’s now @

GG ASTRO Family!



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