ASTRO Command Center

Customization and control are part of ASTRO’s core values, ever since we began our earliest work in the competitive gaming scene. The original MixAmp was the first device to combine game sound and voice chat, giving gamers the ability to quickly and easily adjust balance on-the-fly with a single control. Since then, the demands of pro gamers have changed, with eSports events and livestreaming both expanding significantly. We’ve carefully tuned all the audio settings in the new MixAmp Pro TR to be great for every gamer, but sometimes different environments require different audio settings.



Blending control with innovation,  we’re introducing the ASTRO Command Center (ACC) software, designed to provide livestreamers and pro gamers full customization of every parameter of their gaming audio.  With the ACC, users are in full control of what they hear, what their audience hears, and how they hear it.

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Key features include:

– Equalizer Presets: Customize all 4 EQ presets on the device, which can be adjusted, saved, shared and loaded easily onto the MixAmp. You can also create and save multiple profiles with custom EQ settings, so gamers can easily swap profiles whenever they need.



– Noise Gate: Change the level of speaking volume needed to activate the microphone. Noise Gate modes are presets allow you to select between Home for quiet environments, Streaming for louder environments, and Tournament for large scale events with excessive background noise.

– Mic Level: The microphone has all new digital circuitry that allow a streamer’s voice to sound accurate and natural. Adjust this setting to control how loud your voice is heard by your teammates and your streaming audience..

– Sidetone Level: Sidetone level, which is the technical term for ‘how you hear yourself in the headset’ can now be adjusted.  Turn it up and it will prevent users from yelling during loud gun battles.



– Stream Port: Adjust Game volume, Chat Audio, Microphone and Aux channels individually for a mix that works in any environment. You can also output in pre-encoded 2-channel Dolby Surround Sound.



– Compatibility:  The black MixAmp Pro TR allows gamers to communicate via USB on their PS4, and also functions as a USB soundcard on PC and Mac. The white MixAmp Pro TR allows for communication via USB on Xbox One, no longer requiring a chat cable to function. It also functions as a USB soundcard on PC and Mac.



The ASTRO Command Center Software gives gamers full control over their audio for every environment. Redefine Pro performance and user customization with the new MixAmp Pro TR, available on October 8th, 2015 at


Want to learn more about our TR products? Go behind the scenes with ASTRO’s lead engineer, James Lang, for a closer look at the new features:

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