ACC: A40 + MixAmp TR – ASTRO Command Center Setup Guide

Welcome to the ASTRO Command Center customization software! Here’s a quick guide on how to setup and use the ASTRO Command Center with your MixAmp Pro TR.  This software allows users to update the firmware and customize the input and output settings on the MixAmp Pro TR. Watch our latest setup video for a hands on demo & walk through our ASTRO Command Center Setup Guide to get started.

Before you begin setup and customization, make sure MixAmp Pro TR firmware is fully updated. To update the MixAmp Pro TR firmware, connect it to a PC or MAC that has the ASTRO Command Center installed from this download link Once the MixAmp Pro TR is updated, you can begin customizing your settings.

From the box, remove:

– Micro USB Cable

– MixAmp Pro TR

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Update MixAmp Pro TR Firmware:

– Connect the MixAmp Pro TR to a PC or Mac via the Micro USB cable.

– Make sure the MixAmp Pro TR is in PC Mode. To do this, Press and Hold the Power Button for 3 seconds. The Power Button will glow with a white or red ring to signify which mode you’re currently in:

PC Mode: White ring
Console Mode: Red ring.

– If the MixAmp Pro TR needs an update, the software will display a prompt to install the new firmware. Follow the directions on screen to finish this process.














Using the software:

– Let’s begin with the EQ Presets. In this window users will be able to customize, name and save preferred settings to the MixAmp Pro TR.

– The Preset Library files can be located to the left, which are saved to whichever computer the MixAmp Pro TR is connected. Drag and drop those presets to the MixAmp Pro TR, and from there, users are able to save and share profiles.

– The Microphone settings allow users to change the Noise Gate, Mic Level and Sidetone Levels. Modify these settings to adjust to the gaming environment.

– Stream settings allow users can adjust Game Volume, Chat Audio, Microphone and AUX channels individually for a mix that works in any environment.

– Startup Mode settings will allow users to select the default mode the MixAmp Pro TR will start.

– Once done adjusting the custom settings, navigate to Sync to Device to finalize the updates on the MixAmp Pro TR.












The MixAmp Pro TR is now equipped with the ASTRO Command Center updates and ready to use. For any addition help, please contact our Customer Support and review our TR FAQ.

Thanks for being a part of the ASTRO Family!


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