Tournament Ready F.A.Q.

At ASTRO, we’re proud to offer fans a new eSports audio solution with our Tournament Ready (TR) products featuring the A40 TR Headset, MixAmp Pro TR, A40 TR Mod Kits. Along with the new TR line, we’re also introducing the new ASTRO Command Center software which gives gamers full control over every audio input and output parameter. We understand with anything new, questions arise and our goal is to prepare you ready for any situation. So we’ve put together a list of questions that will act as a living resource for our ASTRO Family. We also invite our community to post questions in the comments section of this blog if there are specific questions that need answering.


1.1 Q: What does TR mean? 

A: “TR” means Tournament Ready – Our new Tournament Ready line is designed to be modular and ready for any environment, loud arenas, live streaming, etc.


1.2 Q: What products are part of the TR series?

A40 TR PC Headset – white, black

MixAmp Pro TR – white (Xbox One), black (PS4)

A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR bundle for Xbox One (white) and PlayStation 4 (black)

A40 TR Mod Kit – ASTRO Green, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3


A40 TR 

2.1 Q: What’s the difference between an A40 and an A40 TR? 

Current Gen2 A40 headsets will only be available as part of the MixAmp M80 bundle for Xbox One, including headsets in white/blue, grey/orange and silver/teal (Halo 5). These A40 headsets feature an open back design, amazing sound quality, long-term comfort, swappable precision mic and customizable speaker tags.

The A40 TR headsets in white and black also feature an open back design, amazing sound quality, long-term comfort, swappable precision mic and customizable speaker tags. But the A40 TR also features removable components allowing the addition of TR Mod Kits, designed for loud tournament environments.

Swappable TR Mod Kit components include:

– Noise Canceling Ear Cushions

– Voice isolating Mic

– Padded Headband

– Closed Back Speaker Tags


2.2 Q: What’s the difference between a closed back and open back headset? 

ASTRO A40 TR Headsets arrive setup for open back performance. From a user perspective, this means they create less ear fatigue and can be used for long gaming sessions, but they allow some sound to move freely in and out of the speaker enclosure.

With the addition of an ASTRO Mod Kit, the A40 TR Headset can transform into a closed back headset. From a user perspective, they let far less sound to move in and out of the enclosure, effectively creating improved noise isolation.

For more info visit – How To Geek: Open-back and closed-back headphones.


2.3 Q: Can you use the A40 TR Headset directly on a smartphone or MP3 player to listen to music/take a call? 

A: Yes, you can!


2.4 Q: Will I be able to get a black A40 + MixAmp Pro TR for Xbox One at some point in the future? Do you have plans for other color options?

A: Currently, you can pair either color headset with your MixAmp Pro TR. But the MixAmp colors will not be changing any time soon.


 2.5 Q: Can the A40 TR Headset be used with previous MixAmp models?

 A: Yes!


 2.5 Q: My mic cuts out/is quiet/not working properly. What gives?

A. First, check to see if the mic is properly positioned. Ensure it’s close to your mouth: we recommend placing it as close to your lower lip as possible. Next, check your Noise Gate. There are three Noise Gate options: try using a different Noise Gate option, and see if that helps. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact Customer Support.


TR Mod Kits

3.1 Q: What is a Mod Kit?   

A: A Mod Kit includes a collection of components designed to modify the A40 TR headset for tournament play.


3.2 Q: What’s included in the box? 

– Noise-Canceling Ear Cushions

– Voice isolating Mic

– Padded Headband

– Closed Back Speaker Tags


3.3 Q: Does the Mod Kit Tournament Mic sound better than the regular A40 TR Mic? 

A: The sound quality is very similar. The big difference is that the TR version includes a mic element that focuses just on your voice and cancels out all background noise. It requires a longer boom and needs to be positioned more precisely by a users’ mouth for optimal performance. Place the mic as close to the lower lip as possible.


3.4 Q: Can I use a Mod Kit on my older ASTRO A40s? 

A:  Yes and no. Mod Kits can only be used on the A40 TR Headsets.  Older A40 Headsets have different (non-magnetic) ear pads, and a different headband & headband pad. However, you are able to use the swappable mic and closed-back Speaker Tags on any A40 Headset, even though the Mod Kits were not designed for previous generations of A40s.

3.5 Q: Can I get customizeable Speaker Tags for my Mod Kit?

A: Currently, we are not able to customize Mod Kit Speaker Tags, however, we are looking at a solution for the future.


3.6 Q: Do you plan on adding additional colorways on the Mod Kits?

 A: Yes! New projects are always in the works, and we’ll let everyone know as soon as we have more information.


3.7 Q: Are there technical differences between the Mod Kits?

A: No, both Mod Kits feature the same features and functionality.


MixAmp Pro TR

4.1 Q: What systems does this work with? 

– The black MixAmp Pro TR works with Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC and Mac.

– The white MixAmp Pro TR works with Xbox One, PC and Mac.


4.2 Q: What’s the difference between this and all the older MixAmps? 

A: The MixAmp Pro TR has full PC sound card functionality, and the optical cable is no longer needed. The controller cable port has also been removed as no chat cable is required on Xbox One for the chat to function. The new ASTRO Command Center customization software provides adjustable EQ presets giving users full control over every input and output parameter on the MixAmp TR such as mic levels, stream output and side tone level. All new digital circuitry has been implemented to provide an improved Digital Daisy Chain connector for a lag-free experience, improved AUX port with personal device support, and the Mini TOSLINK or S/PDIF connector has been changed to a standard TOSLINK connector.


4.3 Q: Which headsets does the MixAmp Pro TR work with?

A: All 4-Pole CTIA wired headsets, including ASTRO Headsets, work with the MixAmp Pro TR. The new advanced mute feature requires the digital in-line mute cable, which ships with the A40 + MixAmp Pro TR.


4.4 Q: Can I use my smartphone with the MixAmp Pro TR?

A: Yes – plug an AUX cable from the smartphone to the AUX port on the MixAmp Pro TR and music should play through the MixAmp Pro TR. Phone chat functionality will work with a 4-pole AUX cable. Only CTIA smartphones are compatible: iPhone, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola. Exceptions are Samsung and Nokia smartphones.


4.5 Q: Does my MixAmp Pro TR work with my Xbox 360, PS4, or Xbox One using the AUX cable?

A: No.


4.6 Q: I have two or more users signed in on the Xbox One/PS4. Is it possible to assign the MixAmp Pro TR to a certain user for voice chat?

A: Yes, however, it will require a further update.


4.7 Q: Can you connect two A40 TR Headsets to one MixAmp Pro TR as in previous MixAmp models?

A: Yes, using a splitter, you’re able to do this. Additionally, you’re able to listen in with the Stream port however, only audio will be available with fixed volume.

4.8 Q: Is the A50 Wireless Headset compatible with the MixAmp Pro TR?

A: No, the A50 is a wireless headset and has the MixAmp functionality built into the headset. Trying to plug it into a MixAmp Pro TR would be redundant.


4.9 Q: Can I use my MixAmp Pro TR with an Elite or Scuf Controller?

A: The MixAmp Pro TR allows you to access chat over USB and does not require a controller cable of any kind.


4.10 Q: What is the power output of the MixAmp Pro TR?

A: 100dB SPL at 125Hz (80% FS at 0dB)


4.11 Q: Why won’t my MixAmp Pro TR work on my PS3?

A. You need to update to the latest firmware! When you power on your MixAmp Pro TR, you should be prompted to install the latest version.


4.12 Q: My Voice:Game knob isn’t functioning properly. Help!

A. See the PS4 or PC set up instructions.



5.1 Q: Does the MixAmp Pro TR provide surround sound over USB? 

A: Yes, the USB Game channel is a 6-channel PCM endpoint supporting Dolby 5.1. It is processed with PLIIx and Dolby headphone to give simulated surround sound.


5.2 Q: Can I use USB Game and Optical at the same time? 


No, the MixAmp Pro TR only supports one or the other. If both are plugged in, the optical input is prioritized. USB Voice can still be used for chat.

Additionally, if both are plugged in at the same time, ensure that the optical output is playing at 48000 Hz sample rate or the outgoing mic will distort the voice.


5.3 Q: What is the difference between USB Game and USB Voice? 


There are 4 device distinctions:

– USB Game Playback device – this is the game audio

– USB Game Line Out Recording device – this is the stream port

– USB Voice Playback device – this is the incoming chat

– USB Voice Recording device – this is the outgoing mic


5.4 Q: Why do I sound like a chipmunk when using my PC?

A: If the optical input is in use, ensure the sample rate is 48000Hz, and not 44100Hz.


5.5 Q: I just updated my MixAmp and now it doesn’t show up on my PC. Help!

A: After an update, hold the power button for 3 seconds to put the MixAmp Pro TR into PC mode. This will allows the MixAmp Pro TR to connect to the Astro Command Center.


5.6 Q: What are the 4 default EQ settings? 


There are 4 customizable EQ presets:

– ASTRO: tuned for serious gamers specifically for the A40 Headset.

– Flat: bypasses the EQ block.

– Balanced: tuned for daily use.

– Tournament: tuned for tournament use, and works great with the TR Mod Kits.


5.7 Q: Is there a difference between the white MixAmp Pro TR and the black MixAmp Pro TR?  

A: Yes. The white MixAmp Pro TR is made to work with Xbox One. This means you can get your Xbox Live chat through the MixAmp Pro TR over the USB connection, no chat cable is required. The black MixAmp Pro TR is meant for use with PS4 and processes PSN chat through the USB connection. However, the black PS4 MixAmp TR does not have the ability to authenticate to the Xbox One over USB. Both white and black will work with a PC & Mac when put into PC mode by holding the Power/Mode button for 3 seconds until the ring around the button turns white.


5.8 Q: Does the MixAmp Pro TR work with USB hubs? 

A: Yes, but results will vary depending on the quality of the USB hub being used. If there are any issues, try plugging directly into a PC to see if that remedies the issue.


5.9 Q: How do I set up my MixAmp Pro TR for streaming?

A: Under recording devices, the ASTRO MixAmp Pro Game Line endpoint is the digital stream port. The digital stream port can be configured in the ASTRO Command Center. Select between Game Audio, Chat Audio, a microphone and an auxiliary port.


5.10 Q: Why does everyone’s voice echo when I am on a daisy chain and a party chat?

A: When in a party, daisy chained users will be able to hear teammates over both chat sources. To remove the echo, mute the party members in-game who are included on the daisy chain.


5.11 Q: Why can’t I mix between voice and game?

Ensure the ASTRO MixAmp Pro Game is set as the default USB audio device. To do that, navigate to the Control Panel, then Manage Audio Devices located under Hardware and Sound. Set the ASTRO MixAmp Pro Game headphones as the default audio device. Also, set he ASTRO MixAmp Pro Voice as the default communications device so programs such as Steam and games which rely on this option will know where to output the voice chat to and which microphone to use instead of outputting it with the game audio rendering the mixer inoperable.


5.12 Q: How do I set up my MixAmp Pro TR for Skyping/TeamSpeak/Mumble/Vent on PC? 

– Make sure the MixAmp Pro TR is in PC mode (hold the power button for 3 seconds until the white ring around power button turns on).

– Go into Audio Options for the chat program of choice.

– Under Audio settings set microphone to Headset microphone (Astro MixAmp Pro Voice)

– Set speakers to Headset Earphone (Astro MixAmp Pro Voice). This will allow users to mix between chat and game sounds.


5.13 Q: How do update my firmware?

There are a few steps to this process:

– Download the ASTRO Command Center.

– Install the ASTRO Command Center by following the on-screen prompts, and launch it.

– If there is a prompt for an ASTRO Command Center update, click download.

– When the ASTRO Command Center is launched, there may be a prompt to connect an ASTRO Gaming device if the MixAmp Pro TR is not in PC Mode or not plugged in.

– Plug the MixAmp in and place it in PC Mode by holding the power button down for 3 seconds.

– If new firmware is available, click the Update Now button.

– Firmware update process will begin after clicking Update.

– To reconnect to the ASTRO Command Center, place it in PC Mode by holding the Power button down for 3 seconds.



Playstation 4 

6.1 Q: Why isn’t my daisy chain audio working when my MixAmp and the other daisy chained MixAmps are plugged into USB on the PS4? 

A: Due to the way PS4 handles USB devices, users must be logged into an account before the audio will be activated. This also affects the daisy chain ports on the MixAmp Pro TR.


6.2 Q: Will I be able to get game audio from my PlayStation 4 while using Ventrilo/Skype/etc on my PC for chat?

A: Yes! However, you will not be able to utilize voice chat on your console while doing so.


6.3 Q: Will I be able to access voice chat on both PC and PlayStation 4 at the same time?

A:  No.


Xbox One 

7.1 Q: Do I need a chat cable for my chat to function?

A: Nope! You now get your Xbox Live chat through the MixAmp Pro TR over the USB connection, no chat cable is required.


7.2 Q: Will I be able to get game audio from my Xbox One while using Ventrilo/Skype/etc on my PC for chat? 

A: Yes! However, you will not be able to utilize voice chat on your console while doing so.


7.3 Q: Will I be able to access voice chat on both PC and Xbox One at the same time?

A:  No.


ASTRO Command Center

8.1 Q: What are the difference between the three Noise Gate settings?

Home: This is the default view. It’s been tuned for smaller LAN environments and typical home settings. It removes most light ambient noise, and works well with the TR Mod Kit microphone.

Streaming: This is the lowest noise gate setting. It’s ideal for quiet studio/home environments, and offers the most natural sounding voice, and will allow background noise if present.

Tournament: This is the most aggressive setting meant for voice isolation and eliminating crowd noise in loud environments. By adding a noise gate to the side tone it eliminates external sounds from entering into the headset.


8.2 Q: What are the differences between the MixAmp TR Start Up modes?


When the MixAmp TR is turned on it will default to Console Mode, ready to be used on Xbox One & PS4. Switch the MixAmp TR between PC Mode and Console Mode by holding the Power button down for 3 seconds. PC Mode is used while gaming on PC or Mac and while updating your MixAmp TR with the latest firmware or custom EQ presets.  Your start up mode can be adjusted with the ASTRO Command Center software to launch your preferred mode when you power on the MixAmp TR.  The power button will also glow with a white or red ring to signify which mode you’re currently in: PC Mode = White ring, Console Mode = Red ring.

8.3 Q: Is the ASTRO Command Center compatible with previous MixAmp models? 

A: Nope.


8.4 Q: Is the ASTRO Command Center compatible with the A50 Wireless Headset?

 A: No.


We’ll be actively updating this blog with more FAQs, so don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments below.

GG ASTRO Family!


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