Saturday with David Baker

Around ASTRO HQ, David Baker is a familiar name. His passion for blending his art and his love of video game nostalgia resonates with the ASTRO Crew, and his self-expression speaks to something everyone can relate to. At ASTRO being able to express yourself is something we value, which is why our Speaker Tags are so vital to us: we bring our love of art & gaming to everything we do as a company.

david baker pre show


David Baker’s “Saturday” gallery was featured at BAIT SF in the iconic Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, bringing gaming culture into our local community for a one of a kind party.


With DJs playing and drinks flowing, the walls of Bait SF were filled with David’s latest art, sparking flashes of nostalgia and aww. Bringing art and gaming together, we worked with David to take it one step further by creating 4 special edition A38 Headsets with his “Saturday” artwork. Fans in attendance were also given a set of “Saturday” Speaker Tags to celebrate the memory and enjoy David’s art for years to come.david baker & bait


We’d like to give a special thanks to David Baker & Bait SF for an awesome event and keeping us inspired. As we continue exploring our passions, we’ll be creating dozens of opportunities like this that inspire our fans to push their boundaries and discover new cultures.

GG ASTRO Family!

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