The Stream Dream: I am Fletch

Hey, how’s it going? I’m not the normal blog-writer type. I am Fletch, The Digital Marketing Coordinator at ASTRO Gaming (among other things). Primarily I operate the ASTRO Stream Team, which is our program to reach out to and work with those in the gaming content creating world who best represent the ideals of ASTRO. I have invested hundreds of hours into watching and curating the various styles and talents behind the best streams and videos online.

In this monthly feature, I am going to help you understand the streaming lifestyle, as well as break down what you need to do in order to be a successful streamer/online content creator! I’ll take you in-depth on a number of topics;

1. Getting Started

2. Engaging your Audience

3. Learning to market yourself

4. Understanding the streaming lifestyle

5. Choosing a Path: Variety Streamer or Dedicated?

6. Setting up the Perfect Stream

7. Courting Sponsors

We have a lot to cover! Which is why we’ll be knocking these out once a month. So get your webcam ready, break out the capture card and prepare to dive a bit deeper into the online content creation lifestyle!

– Fletcher

For more of my exploits follow me on Twitter, or watch me live on my Twitch channel!

Fletch posing with prizing from Extra Life 2015

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