Crew Culture: At Your Desk

Being veterans of the gaming industry, a few things have been made apparent with regards to the workplace. For instance, many of us are large proponents of nerf gun battles. Vintage arcade machines, whether in working order or for decoration, pepper available floor space. And often times, caches of energy drinks are available should any require a boost. When it comes our desks, however, anything is fair game.

We spend so much time at our desks, over time they become mini-museums—a reflection of the individual. At ASTRO HQ, everyone’s desk is an impressive array of collectables: figurines, posters, bobble-heads, and prized vintage game consoles. So we took to the Crew, and asked them: “What’s at your desk, bro?” Enjoy!

Megu’s Desk. Vintage Nintendo game cartridges, a Nintendo Family Computer, and LED Tetris blocks



Aron’s Desk. Upper Playground abounds.


John’s Desk. Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors, plus a bobble-head Groot in the background. 


Jordan’s Desk. Jordan loves the Giants. Couldn’t tell, could you? 


Walter’s Desk. Any Star Wars is good Star Wars. 


Fletch’s Desk. Adventure Time, Penny Arcade, PvP Online, and Killer Instinct pins from PAX shows. I floop the pig! 



James’ Desk. Firecracker Jinx and Sonic. Basically all you need to know about James. 



Melissa’s Desk. Melissa goes all the way back with the AstroCade console, and her wall of Pop! is impressive. Most impressive…



Katie’s Desk. Nothing keeps Katie going like Beyoncé



Sarah’s Desk. FF2K – with enhanced feed reamer and pulp ejection!


Kent’s Desk. Axe Cop and Crazy Cat Lady. You get ’em, Kent. 


What do you have on your desk? Something inspirational? Something nostalgic? Something prized? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading, ASTRO Family!