Pro20: Lindsay Ferguson – Content Coordinator at ASTRO Gaming

I recently had the chance to sit down for 20 minutes of questions with our very own Content Coordinator, Lindsay Ferguson, the person who usually does these interviews. Since the Pro20 series is usually written by her, this week’s blog will look a bit different. In 20 minutes I was to barely able to scratch the surface of the question “Who is Lindsay Ferguson?” Some of the deeper secrets of what makes Lindsay tick may forever remain shrouded in mystery.

Thadeous: What is your name?

Lindsay: My full name?

Thadeous: For the record please.

Lindsay: Lindsay Marie Ferguson.

Thadeous: So what did you want to talk about today?

Lindsay: Ummm.

Thadeous: Wait! Instead I have a knock-knock joke for you, OK?

Lindsay: OK.

Thadeous: You Start.

Lindsay: OK. “Knock knock.”

Thadeous: “Who’s there?”

Lindsay: (Laughs) Uummmmmmm (Laughs)


Thadeous: What do you do at ASTRO Gaming?

Lindsay: I’m the Content Coordinator. I’m accountable for all the written word that comes out of this company. So all the website copy, packaging, blogs, and tweets. And I coordinate content for shows and stuff that we put out.

Thadeous: Where specifically can we find stuff that you have done or actively do?

Lindsay: The AG Blog, the Twitter Feed, Facebook, and the Website.

Thadeous: So how long have you been with ASTRO Gaming?

Lindsay: I started in August, August 17th, so almost half a year. It’s almost my six months already.

Thadeous: So what’s it like to work at ASTRO Gaming?

Lindsay: It’s been a while since I’ve worked in an office. My first six months at ASTRO have been pretty amazing and the thing I keep going back to and convey to people who don’t have it as swell as I do, is that Mondays are not Mondays. Mondays are like Fridays. I get so jazzed on Mondays when I’m coming in because I get to sit next to some cool people all day. Sometimes we have crunch time, and that’s OK, but it’s mostly the people I work with that make it not like work.

Thadeous: What do you bring to the ASTRO Gaming team?

Lindsay: Rainbows and sunshine. That’s what I do. I dunno. I think I’m fun, I’m kinda an asshole.

Thadeous: I don’t want to know what you think you are, I want to know when you show up to ASTRO Gaming every day, excited to work with your coworkers, what do you bring to the company?

Lindsay: Energy. Take the recent trend of upping your game with the selfies. I think that kind of energy and that exuberance to be around one another, I try to make sure people are present to that. When they’re present to that, the auto-pilot patterns that we all get into pivot. So I like to break up patterns and crash through like the Kool-Aid man.



Thadeous: Are there any projects that you can point to that you are proud of that you have done?

Lindsay: One of the most interesting things I’ve done is having been part of a product launch process here for the Tournament Ready series with the A40 and Mod Kit, ACC and the MixAmp Pro. All of that is part of a whole new branch of ASTRO Gaming, and to be part of that and then turn around and be part of holidays at ASTRO. I had just started and I was getting my feet wet with the existing products and this whole new line came out and I was able to contribute something major.

Thadeous: What’s the coolest thing on your desk?

Lindsay: Aside from the ton of ASTRO headsets I have? I have a small collection of dinosaurs on my desk. I have Mecha-rex made out of old gears and conductors; a coworker, Bella, gave me a Pachycephalosaurus; my dad gave me a RC T-rex; you got me a T-rex shaped note holder for Christmas.

Thadeous: Tell me more about this dinosaur infatuation.

Lindsay: It fits into random useless facts that I can whip out to sound cool and look cool at parties that that no one really cares about but makes me feel good. It’s part of our natural history, and I think they are neat. They were on the same planet we were on. It’s changed a lot but it’s still the same planet. These giant lizards walked around and now we are here. And we keep finding new species all the time.

Lindsay's Desk: AKA the land of the lost.
Lindsay’s Desk: AKA the land of the lost.

Thadeous: What do you do when you are not here at ASTRO Gaming?

Lindsay: I’m into historical recreation and reenactment, particularly the performance side of it. So I dance French Cancan, and art deco- era Charleston, I play the banjo, I act, I model.

Thadeous: Act?

Lindsay: Yes in shows. I work at the Great Dickens Fair that you went to thank you very much for going.

Thadeous: It was a lot of fun.

Lindsay: It is fun, it’s a bunch of nerds. I worked at The Northern California Renaissance Faire; I played a theme character there.

Thadeous: What does that mean?

Lindsay: The idea of the faire is that there is one show, and you have these actors who carry on the story of the faire which is the Queen is visiting a small town in England and these themed townsfolk characters, or actors, carry around the story of the show. So you have the Queen and the mayor, fools, and I was one of those people.

Thadeous: What makes Lindsay Lindsay? What makes you different from the other people who sits next to you in the office?

Lindsay: I like rules and deadlines. I’m a creative person, but I have a science brain. I like facts, and I like being right. I think rules and deadlines go a long way in helping you keep your word on things. I think all a person has is their words and their actions. If you can’t believe when someone tells you “I’m going to have it done by this day,” then what good is your word? You have to work to make it true when you say “I’m going to have it done by Tuesday” and you have it done by Tuesday. Integrity is key. Also I feel like I’m like Hermione. I think humor is the most important thing to communicate hard topics with. I think history is very important, and Space is rad.

Thadeous: When did you start gaming?

Lindsay: I started gaming when my father brought home an Intellivision from work because he worked for Mattel Electronics back in 1986.

Thadeous: Wow that’s bad ass. What was your favorite game?

Lindsay: Burger Time.

Thadeous: So given current geopolitical tensions in both the Ukraine and Russia, Germany with the refugee crisis, Syria with its civil war, Greece with its fiscal issues, what is your favorite game?

Lindsay: Nice misdirection there. World of Warcraft.

Thadeous: Of all time?

Lindsay: It’s either MarioKart 64 or Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for N64.

Thadeous: Why is it between those two?

Lindsay: Because that was my life for a good three or four years. I felt so cool with my little television and that N64, and that’s all I would do is play those games. I got so good at MarioKart that I was undefeated as Yoshi. And Pod Racer was the only game I’ve never been able to beat, because that Boonta Eve Race, and Sebulba, eff that guy.

Thadeous: What conventions have you attended?

Lindsay: This will be my first PAX South. I’ve gone to GDC, PAX East for the last two years, PAX Prime for the last 5 years, E3 for the last 5 years, BlizzCon when they have it, except last year. Oh, also Comic-Con and NY Comic-Con.

Thadeous: What do you do when you go to conventions?

Lindsay: Well depending on who I’m with I am either running around interviewing people or working a booth. I prefer running around interviewing people.

Thadeous: What will you be doing at PAX South?

Lindsay: Running around interviewing people. I’m really excited about PAX South, because we have a really comprehensive content plan. We’re not just taking pictures, but cherry picking all of the stuff we love and congealing it together into a bomb of content. It’s going to be really fun seeing what the stream team does, we’re going to do a highlight reel. We are doing more video content, and that’s exciting. We have a plan for our photographers, and we are going deeper into why we take the pictures we take.

Lindsay and the Amazing Fletch

Thadeous: Console or PC?

Lindsay: PC.

Thadeous: Favorite gaming keyboard?

Lindsay: Corsair K95.

Thadeous: Favorite Headset?

Lindsay: ASTRO Gaming A40 TR.

Thadeous: Favorite TV show?

Lindsay: Ren and Stimpy.

Thadeous: Favorite Band?

Lindsay: The Black Keys – they actually play instruments. I appreciate any band that actually plays instruments. Electronic music doesn’t really fall into my purview.

Thadeous: Best movie?

Lindsay: A New Hope.

Thadeous: Favorite Car?

Lindsay: Effing Tesla! Electric cars are awesome, and I like what Elon Musk is doing. I like that he is really pushing the initiative to make electric cars and charging more available to the masses.

Thadeous: Comics or graphic novels?

Lindsay: Graphic novels, I like Watchmen and the Elf Quest Series.

Thadeous: Favorite Book?

Lindsay: I have a lot! Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Lord of the Rings, Ender’s Game, The Dark Tower series, history books.

Thadeous: Han Solo, shot first or second?

Lindsay: Shot first.

Thadeous: What is your biggest passion in life? What gets you up in the morning?

Lindsay: Performance art. Physicality. Being physical with my body, using it to express myself. And I like coming up with ways in which that can look, whether it’s dancing, modeling, whatever. Painting with the physicality brush when it comes to performance and art, it gets me up in the morning.

Thadeous: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lindsay: Your boss.

Thadeous: Oh?

Lindsay: (Laughs) No actually I see myself leading up my own department doing something more creative. Separating the content creation from the digital marketing, and then implement the creative content into digital marketing.

Thadeous: Where else can we find you?

Lindsay: My Twitch channel, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Snapchat, on Instagram, and YouTube. I perform cabaret shows all over the Bay Area. I’m also starting up a string band.

Thadeous: Because you play banjo?

Lindsay: I play banjo.

Thadeous: What made you want to play banjo?

Lindsay: Kermit the Frog plays banjo, and I love him.


Thadeous: Is there one quote you would say embodies you or that you try to live by?

Lindsay: ‘If you have to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.’ That’s from Oscar Wilde. Genius.

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