ASTRO & Infused Sign 2-Year Deal

In the Summer of 2014 we began working closely with Infused, expanding the reach of ASTRO eSports throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Over the years we’ve watched the ups and downs, but through hard work their efforts are truly paying off. Growing with the scene, Infused has become a powerhouse for producing top-notch pro teams competing in a range of titles and tournaments.

As of 2016, Infused has secured their foothold in global eSports by consistently performing at the top of their game. Recently, their Call of Duty team’s incredible win streak led them to finish as 1st seed in Season 1 of the European Call of Duty World League. In tandem, the Infused Halo squad has been dominating the European Halo Championship Series, finishing 1st place at the EMEA (European/Middle East/Africa) Finals, earning them an invite to the $2,500,000 Halo World Championship.



Today, we’re proud to announce a 2-year sponsorship agreement with Infused, welcoming them into the Family as an official ASTRO Pro Team. With our invested partnership fans are guaranteed more content, more tournaments and more wins from both parties. We can’t wait to watch and support Infused as they continue pushing their limits. It’s been a long time coming and they’ve definitely earned it. GGs Infused!

infused cod hc

“We’re very excited to announce this 2 year partnership with ASTRO Gaming. It’s been a fantastic start to 2016 and this long-term agreement is the result of years of hard work.  We are looking forward to working closer with ASTRO on a global level and continuing to grow the Infused brand in the competitive eSports space.”  
                                                                                                                               — Andrew Christoforou, CEO of Infused 


To celebrate the boost to our partnership, we are launching a giveaway in support of Infused competing at the Halo World Championship & Call of Duty World League EU Season 1 Finals


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Good luck & thanks for entering! Don’t forget to follow the Squads on Twitter & watch the Halo World Champs all weekend at