Instagram Roundup: Feb 2016

┬áThis month the gallery is pretty small. Not because it’s a short month, but because I felt like this small collection of images tells a story that resonated with me. Great gear, helping people at the top of their game and compete at the highest level; and in the end, it’s all still fun and games. There’s something about the energy at an eSport event: people dealing with technical issues, struggling with defeat, and, for one team, the glory of┬ávictory.

But there’s also something else about eSports events that’s not about competition. It’s the fun that the players and audience experience, the enjoyment of taking part in something together, the hopefuls and the fans, the defeated and the victors. There is an enjoyment to be had in what everyone present is taking part in. It’s hard to put into words the excitement of an event, so I’ll shut up and let these pictures do the talking.

Oh also I just really liked the last image of the snow board trip. I guess it kind of fits in my artsy theme.

OMG Thadeous

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