Instagram Roundup: April 2016

Everything great comes to an end, and other deep stuff like that. It’s what we all say when a life changing event occurs. We look for a deep, meaningful reason for why things happen the way they do. Here at ASTRO Gaming things are no different. We are closing a chapter here in San Francisco as we pack up our desks, put our toys in boxes, and crate up the Nerf guns. We are turning off the lights for the last time at 655 4th street. A small space that was once an auto body shop turned video game equipment headquarters. Our office, and it’s location in the heart of the dirty SOMA has had an impact on our identity as a company, and who we are as the ASTRO Gaming Crew. Saying goodbye is like saying goodbye to a member of our staff, of our family. The next time the lights go on in the office, it won’t be ASTRO Gaming.

It’s not all sad introspective though, we are moving west! Approximately 1 mile north west. Our new office space is bigger and better suited to house the crew. The new space has a ton of features that will help us grow as a company, and will allow us to continue to deliver high quality gaming gear, videos, and content for the entire ASTRO Family.

To celebrate our old space I went through our Instagram to find some of the best pictures I could that were taken in and around the 655 4th street space. These images help tell the story of how our space shaped our philosophy, our design, and our community. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thanks for letting me get all emotional in this month’s post. Enjoy the images.

Old Man Thadeous.

ASTRO Gaming