Stream Dream: Marketing Yourself

If you’ve stuck with me since the beginning you’ve already learned a few tips to get your feet off the ground and the value of engaging your audience. You are probably wondering what comes next and what can you do to further your development towards becoming a successful streamer. You need to get yourself in front of the masses, people who may be looking for a content creator like you. But how do you bridge that gap? Understanding social media tools and using them consistently is a large part of the success of any stream.

Diving In


Using social media to give your followers a glimpse into your life and develop yourself can potentially exposes you to new fans. You aren’t just creating a stream, you are creating your brand. Be comfortable and unflinching with who you are, and you’ll begin to notice loyal fans tuning in to watch you be you. Any media you create can and should be shared, liked and hash-tagged to increase the potential for people to see you. Learning to do this with an eye-catching style should be your goal, but will also be a challenge; as it’s easy to become overbearing and your content could easily become something people simply scroll past in the digital “white noise.” I can’t tell you how to create your own style, it’s something each streamer has to create through a process of trial and error. For those viewers you do get early on providing them with content while you aren’t able to stream will build up your reputation with them and create dedicated fans and friends.

While responsibility for the quality of the content you’re producing falls squarely on your shoulders, no man is an island when it comes to the process of creation. Collaborating with your peers is a great way to accomplish many goals all at once, not only do you network with fellow streamers, you also generate new ideas you most likely wouldn’t have if you stayed working in your own bubble. There are many ways to collaborate. One of the more popular techniques is called “raiding.” Raiding other streamers is the act of sending your viewers to another channel when you finish streaming. This gives your audience a chance to discover new streamers, and new streamers a chance to build their following.  Dual streaming is another great way to collaborate on the content creation process. Dual streaming can provide opportunities for you both to gain followers as it provides your viewers with someone else to watch while your co-streamer’s followers can discover you, all the while allowing new fans to find the both of you.


Staying Afloat

Keep in mind: Not all collaborations work with your style. Stay updated by researching the strategies top streamers are implementing. Educate yourself, and stay knowledgeable in your field. Take some time to observe what the best and brightest are doing in their streams and content and get ideas to push your content to the next level. Additionally, there is no quick way to grow. Much like a MMO, there’s a period of leveling up where you have to put in the time, kill 500 boars, and slowly accumulate partners, fans, and experience. This is a period of time streamers refer to as “The Grind”. It is a very challenging period for anyone and it’s important to remember that the biggest reason people fail at achieving their goals in being successful is because they become frustrated and give up early on in the process. Do not become tempted by programs that let you purchase viewership. It is very obvious when someone is using these programs on the back-end and could get you banned. Keep going! You’d be surprised how far can go if you stay the course and continue to be consistent and continue educating yourself.

Parting Words


Finally, we leave you with advice from ImCoty, one of ASTRO’s top Stream Team members:

“When I was asked to give my advice on the best way to grow as a content creator, I was stumped a bit. Mostly because it’s something I’m still trying to figure out. In a field that is rapidly changing and always improving, it’s very hard to put my finger on a sure fire way to grow in the space, however I think there remains a few constants what will set you on the right direction.

Be present on all forms of media. Make that Instagram, Make that Snapchat, Make that YouTube channel. Be connected.

Be consistent. Have a schedule! It doesn’t matter how crazy, how weird it is. Just have one! Have a time that people can EXPECT to find your content! You never have to guess when your favorite tv show is airing next!

Always improve! There are thousands of people in your exact position (and growing by the day) you’ve gotta keep improving!

Last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN! that’s why you started, this right? Don’t lose sight of that. At the end of the day no one wants to watch someone who’s not enjoying themselves.”


Next month we’ll be getting testimony from ASTRO Stream Team members on how they survive this grueling test of will and patience.

Ryan Gero