ASTRO x VINCO – South Africa eSports

Dedicated to the grind, South Africa has a passionate gaming community that’s always striving for a new challenge and chance to compete on the world stage. It’s been a struggle for the SA scene to gain recognition as contenders in the global ranks, but things are beginning to look up as new competitions & opportunities arise. We’ve heard their battle cries, felt their pain and support is on it’s way!

ASTRO’s goal is to improve everybody’s gaming experience by providing reliable and quality equipment around the world. We know our products are expensive and shipping internationally can cost a pretty penny, so to begin our support we’ve made it easier for South African gamers to acquire ASTRO products in their local market. For the first time, fans from Africa are now able to order ASTRO products direct through local organizations like, and join the ASTRO Family with ease.



As we enter into new markets, it’s important to ensure we support the community & those who have been with us since day one. We’ve been working closely with our South African partners, event organizers & gaming ambassadors to increase the frequency of competitions and value offered to competitors.  Our first event was in March 2016 at Rage Expo, South Africa’s biggest gaming convention. We partnered with our friends at Zombie Gamer & Clan Connection to host the $3,000 Call of Duty – ASTRO Cup with great success.

Vinco Gaming, an ASTRO Cup competitor, has also been a key player in helping us engage the community. Vinco’s teams, management and partners have been working hard over the years to elevate the caliber of South African eSports and present their talent to the world. Fielding teams in Call of Duty and Halo, Vinco is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Most recently, Vinco’s Halo team was invited to compete in the EMEA Halo World Championship Finals at the ESL Studio in Cologne, Germany. The Vinco Spartans battled hard and the European powerhouses took the win, but not without a fight!



With our support, Vinco will have more time and resources to develop the best teams possible. Together, we’re aiming to make tournament organizers take notice of South African eSports, and offer their community more chances to compete in officially sanctioned leagues. There’s a long road ahead to reach these goals, so we hope you’ll join us in welcoming Vinco and South Africa into the ASTRO Family, and into the global ranks.

To celebrate the launch of Vinco Gaming’s new website and expansion into Counter Strike Global Offensive, we’re offering our South African fans a chance to win an A40 + MixAmp TR.

What’s next? EGESA (Electronic Gaming Expo South Africa) on July 29-31st at CTICC in Cape Town! Get the all info at!