MLG Anaheim Open

One of our favorite events returns this summer with an official Call of Duty World League LAN, June 10-12th at the MLG Anaheim Open. The Anaheim Convention Center will feature 12 pro Call of Duty Teams along side 96 “amateur” teams battling for a chance to win $100,000 and 10,000 COD World League Pro Points.



CWL Pro Points:

This is a great opportunity for amateur and international teams who don’t have many CWL Pro Points or experience competing against the North American Pro Division. The prize money will obviously relieve financial stress for up and coming organizations, but the real prize is CWL Pro Points. Teams battle all year long in online tournaments and massive LAN events to collect Pro Points that are used to determine which teams will be invited to the 2016 Call of Duty World Championship in Fall. Points are hard to come by and its a slow grind to reach the top, but racking up 10,000 points in one weekend will greatly increase any teams chances of an invite to Champs.

The Open LAN:

For international organizations, like ASTRO Family Pros – Team Infused (Europe), the Open LAN event provides more than just prizes. North American professional COD teams have historically been the most dominant force in competition. Due to intercontinental internet limitations between Australia, Europe & North America its been near impossible for teams in different regions to scrimmage against each other online. The only chance all three regions get to compete together is at these Open LAN and World Championship events. However, these are few and far between, leaving Australia and Europe locked out of daily practice against some of the best in the world (NA). You can only go so far once you reach the top of your region, so taking advantage of these “open entry” opportunities can be a deciding factor in an international team’s performance development and chances of winning World Champs.



Well, Team Infused is taking matters into their own hands, traveling all the way from Europe as one of the only international teams making an investment to enter the MLG Anaheim Open bracket. The top 4 teams from the open bracket will all advance into Pro Division Pool Play at MLG Anaheim for a chance to be crowned Grand Champions. With Infused currently ranked top 3 in Stage 2 of the European CWL, they are primed to take the open bracket by storm, and we’ll be there in support!


The ASTRO Community team is headed back to MLG Anaheim this year to hang out with YOU, the ASTRO Family! We’ll be taking photos, capturing interviews, hosting Meet & Greets, and giving out prizes. Be sure you follow us on social media because we’ve got some BIG surprises coming your way.

Going to the event? We’ll see you there! If not, you can watch the MLG Anaheim Open June 10-12th on and

Good luck Team Infused! See you soon ASTRO Family!