Insomnia58: The UK’s Biggest Summer LAN

What Can You Expect From Insomnia 58?

For those iSeries regulars you know the score of what to expect this upcoming weekend, but for those of you who don’t, you’re in for a treat. There’s no question that the Insomnia Summer Gaming Festival is the largest out of the three by a long way. Exhibitors don’t miss out on this one, there will be tonnes on offer for you to see and play over the course of the weekend.

Developers will have some of the latest, and even unreleased titles available to get your hands on for the first time in the UK. Your favourite tech companies will be able to give you a taste of what products are in store to come from them later this year, with some having one or two of certain products on display to get a look at before they’re available. Maybe the YouTuber(s) you adore will be present this weekend doing fan meets and other cool activities throughout the course of the event. Find out exactly what special guests are their this weekend here –



Insomnia 58 Esports Tournaments

As much as the exhibitor side of Insomnia has become the main attraction, it has not hindered the eSports side, with thousands still competing across the weekend for a share of £50,000+ in prize money. The largest tournament is the $30,000 Hearthstone event which see’s the best players from around the world traveling to compete, and fans can watch on the Hearthstone stage all weekend as the players battle it out.

There’s also a bunch of other great games hosting tournaments this weekend, some are TUP (Turn up and play) and others are BYOC (Bring your own console). A lot love spending time with their friends and teams all weekend in the 24 hour BYOC gamer hall, which has always been the popular option for Insomnia attendees, and really is where the name comes from as gamers will play all through the night together. You’ll be able to watch the main games and Grand Finals for each tournament on the eSports Stage as they come to a close towards the end of the weekend.

Prize Pools:

League of Legends – £8,000 (BYOC – PC)

Counterstike: Global Offensive – £7,500 (BYOC -PC)

Team Fortress 2 – £8,500 (BYOC – PC)

DotA 2 – £,5000 (BYOC – PC)

Overwatch – £7,500 (BYOC – PC) – Sponsored by ASTRO

You can see the rest here –


Enjoy The Casual Elements of Community Gaming

Insomnia for a lot of people is purely about having fun with their friends, and meeting new people. Whether it’s just for a day to go round the exhibitor hall trying out the latest games and products, then sitting down an enjoying a meal later on with friends. Others like to opt for the BYOC option but not enter any tournaments, purely to just sit with some of their closest friends who they game with most nights, but there is the famous pub quiz and live music on the Saturday night, which will sell out quick, so if you’re coming especially for that then get your tickets fast when you arrive. This is no doubt one of the most popular parts of the Insomnia weekend, where friends and colleagues can wind down and enjoy a fun evening with the live team quiz and live music after.


The ASTRO Booth

If you’re reading this article we like to think you’re a fan of ASTRO and would love to have a go on our latest products at i58. This year you’re able to try out our latest A40 + MixAmp TR w/ Blue or Red Mod Kits as we’ll have them on display this weekend in the exhibitor hall. We’ll be hosting 6v6 games all day, every day playing Overwatch on the Xbox One, so bring your team to the booth! You’ll also be able to get a sneak peak of our brand new A50 Wireless + Base Station.

Be sure to come over, say hello and play some games with us! We can’t wait to see you there!