HCS Open Circuit: Round 2

The Halo Championship Series: Open Circuit is in full swing & round 2 is headed to Las Vegas. Gear up Spartans, the battle wages on!

HCS Orange County: 4v4 & Free-For-All

Earlier this month we set up shop at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, California for the HCS Orange County 4v4 & FFA and had a great time with the ASTRO Family. Starting Friday, the Free-For-All saw some intense battles as top Halo competitors pushed through heat after heat to find our top 6 individual talents. In the end Bubudubu rose to the occasion, being crowned our HCS Orange County FFA Champion!



The 4v4 kicked off early Saturday with 2 separate brackets: Open Circuit Amateur Teams and Pro Groups.  The tension was high and emotions were raw after 2 days of battle at the Esports Arena, but the ASTRO Spartans pressed on! After a full day of grinding, the winning teams from both brackets began rising to the occasion, sealing their spot to enter the bracket on Championship Sunday.



Moving on to Championship Sunday the remaining teams we’re pitted against each other to determine who would win the HCS Open Circuit LAN and their share of $20,000. After some intense semi-final bouts, the Grand Finals were pleasantly surprised to witness a classic eSports feud – OpTic vs EnVyUs. In the end, OpTic defeated EnVyUs in a heated best of 7 thanks to some clutch plays by the squad, but not without a fight! GGWP to all the competitors and thanks for an amazing weekend!

Did you miss any action?! Recap the tournament in our latest video as we learn about the importance of the Open Circuit & Free-For-All from 343 Industries’ very own Bravo & Strongside. We had a great time working with the ASTRO Family at Esports Arena and look forward to the HCS Las Vegas LAN with Millennial Esports (PGL)! Keep reading & learn how to join the HCS Las Vegas 4v4 & FFA.

Top 3 teams that won the HCS Orange County 4v4:

1st – OpTicGaming

2nd – TeamEnVyUs

3rd – TeamLiquid

Top 6 competitors that won the HCS Orange County Free-For-All:

1st – bubudubu

2nd – HukeFPS

3rd – Svspector

4th – 3sUP_MoNsTcR

5th – Pistola_nV

6th – KingNick_WM

HCS Orange County Amateur Teams that qualified for HCS Las Vegas:






Join the HCS Open Circuit: Las Vegas Open LAN



Do you have what it takes to become the next Halo Pro? The HCS Las Vegas LAN is your chance to win a $25,000 Prize Pool and compete against the Halo pros for a shot to enter the HCS Pro League! Get started by reading our first HCS Open Circuit blog, then sign up for the HCS Las Vegas 4v4 & Free-For-All – November 18-20th, hosted by Pro Gaming League.

 HCS Las Vegas Sign-ups:

– 4v4 Team Pass –  Purchase a Team Pass for $200 & save $40 at checkout with code: PGL-HCS-OCL

– 4v4 Team Pass Reservation – Low on funds? Reserve your team pass to HCS Las Vegas for $50 and pay the remaining $150 upon arrival.

– FFA Pass – Entry is FREE! All you have to do is Register Here!



For more information about the HCS Open Circuit, Free-for-All settings & sign up details check out the links below:

Halo Waypoint – FFA Settings

HCS Pro League Info

European HCS Open Circuit by ESL

North American HCS Open Circuit & Las Vegas LAN by PGL

We’ll see you in Vegas!