Launched: A50 Wireless + Base Station

The time has come to upgrade your wireless setup! The A50 Wireless + Base Station has landed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac. This headset is our answer to the growing demand  for superior audio quality paired with the iconic, timeless design fans have come to expect from ASTRO Gaming.


With the new Base Station, you’ll get simple to use ergonomic controls, automatic pairing, Dolby indication, simple charging and battery status indication via the Communication Panel so you always know the status of your gear. The less-crowded 5GHz frequency versus the standard 2.4 GHz provides solid, robust connectivity low-latency performance, allowing you to stay in perfect sync with your gameplay.



No chat cables are required on both the PS4 and Xbox One editions. As with every single headset we make, the new A50 Wireless has been tuned with ASTRO Audio. ASTRO Audio provides a neutral, smooth, and extended frequency spectrum for detailed, true to life imaging. Engineered with spatial placement and directivity in mind for a cinematic, three-dimensional audio experience, the new A50 offers 7.1 Dolby Surround for immersive gaming audio. From enemies creeping up behind you to knowing what weapon is being used, you’ll be able to hear audio cues the way game devs intended.

The flexible, durable microphone offered on the A50 Wireless provides clear, low noise communication and is optimized for next gen consoles and Windows 10. You can adjust the 3-preset EQ settings in the ASTRO Command Center. A simple flip mutes the mic.



The A50 Wireless offers multi-platform compatibility, making it simple to switch between console and PC/Mac® modes. PC gamers can access the ASTRO Command Center software via USB and adjust various audio settings and levels accordingly. PC gamers can also balance game sound and voice chat when using separate chat applications such as Discord™ or Skype®.

As with our new Tournament Ready A40 Headset, the A50 Wireless is also Mod Kit Ready, which means you will have the ability to upgrade to synthetic leather noise-cancelling ear cushions and a padded headband. The cushions provide increased noise cancellation and limit sound leakage for quiet environments. Finally, the A50 Wireless with an added Mod Kit pairs perfectly with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive: the ideal solution for a VR audio headset.



You can purchase your new A50 Wireless + Base Station HERE.

Thank you for being such an important part of the ASTRO Family!