The Seventh Letter x ASTRO Gaming

Graffiti is more than a form of self-expression, it’s a way of life. It’s gritty and urban, woven into the fabric of a city. By its very grassroots nature, it rejects the ordinary and traditional, or what society considers “normal.”

Launched: SERIES 2 – 11/08/16
With the immense success of launching Series 1 Speaker Tags, we wanted expand on the collaboration. To that end, Series 2 of The Seventh Letter Speaker Tags are now available, featuring new designs from returning artists Krush, Rime, Saber, and DabsMyla.







The Seventh Letter
’s graffiti roots go back nearly 20 years, when the collective’s founder and leader,Eklips, a legendary writer in his own right, started the AWR (Art Work Rebels/Angels Will Rise)and MSK (Mad Society Kings) writing crews while bombing around the Motor Yard in Los Angeles. As Eklips’ fame grew, so did that of those wanting to align with his crew of artists. Sensing an opportunity to take graffiti in a new direction, Eklips merged AWR and MSK under the Seventh Letter umbrella in 1999. By then, AWR/MSK members were well known on the street, and Eklips’ idea was to take graf where it hadn’t gone before.


The seventh letter is, of course, G, which in this case stands for “Gods of Graffiti” and represents what may be the most ambitious, racially diverse and prolific crew ever assembled. With more than 100members operating under the Seventh Letter banner, names like Revok, Retna, Saber, Push, Rime and Zes are just a few of the artists who have become L.A.’s modern muralists.

Naturally, at ASTRO Gaming, the origin story of The Seventh Letter resonated with us. The variety of vibrant and distinctive artwork produced by their crew is a perfect way to show-off our new sublimated speaker tag printing technology, which allows us to recreate every nuance and color perfectly. Our new The Seventh Letter Series 1 Speaker Tags feature iconic art from artists Rime, Saber, Krush, and Dabs Myla.

We’re excited to offer the ASTRO Family a new way to boldly show the world who you are with new A40 and A30/A38 Speaker Tags from four seminal artists from The Seventh Letter crew. Grab a new set of Speaker Tags today that will make everyone sit up and take notice.