A50 Wireless + Base Station: Mod Kit & Docking Set Up

This guide will provide you will all of the information you will need to set up your ASTRO A50 Wireless + Base Station Mod Kit & Base Station.

Mod Kit Set-Up
Package Contents
– A50 Mod Kit Synthetic Leather Headband
– A50 Mod Kit Synthetic Leather Ear Cushions


System Configuration // Mod Kit Headband:

[1] Hold the headband with one hand. With the other hand, pull firmly outwards on one side of the headband frame. The headband will pop out of place, allowing you to remove the other side of the headband from the frame of the headset.675a9014



[2] Align the Mod Kit headband tabs with the clasps on the frame of the A50 Headset.675a9021


[3] Firmly press the frame inwards to secure the Mod Kit headband in place. The headband will snap into place.675a9020

System Configuration // Mod Kit Ear Cushions:

Locate the tab on the top of the ear cushion on the A50 Headset.675a8985


[2] Pull gently to remove the magnetic ear cushion from the ear cup.675a8993


[3] The Left and Right ear cushions are slightly different: be sure to align the Mod Kit ear cushion with the correct side of the headset.

[4] The magnets will lock the Mod Kit ear cushions into place.675a8997


System Configuration // Base Station

Before first use, fully charge the headset and update the Firmware.

Charge & Pair

To charge and pair the headset, place Headset onto Base Station. To do this, ensure the microphone is rotated upwards, and the ear cushions are rotated to face each other.675a9102


[2] Ensure microphone is aligned with the microphone slot on the Base Station, and gently place the headset onto the Base Station._h1a1989


[3] When the lightning bolt on the Base Station stops flashing, pairing is complete. If the battery is fully discharged, it may take a few seconds for the amber colored Charging LED on the headset to illuminate.

[4] When the four Battery Status bars are lit on the Base Station, charging is complete._h1a8479



[1] Download the ASTRO Command Center software by heading to astrogaming.com/software.

[2] With the headset docked in the Base Station, and the Base Station in PC Mode, launch the ASTRO Command Center and follow the on-screen prompts.

[3] Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your A50 Headset.