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We’re stoked to be heading back to San Antonio for the 3rd annual PAX South! We’ll have our booth at the event complete with demo stations, special events, and special guests during the three days of PAX South. You can check out the rundown on the booth in our PAX South 2017 blog found here.  

But what do you do outside of show hours? Are you wondering what to do during your adventure in San Antonio? We’re here to help! We’ve rounded up some great panels to check out during the show, some great parties & events to hit up after the lights go out in the convention center, and some cool ideas if you want to play tourist around San Antonio itself! Brace yourselves… this post is BIG!

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Playing Tourist


In this section, the ASTRO Crew curated a list of panels we found particularly interesting and relevant to our values of inclusivity, education, and innovation.   

Streaming 101: Starting Your Quest
Every streamer has to start somewhere. Seasoned streamers share the tools you need to begin your journey into the world of livestreaming. Join us as we go over how to setup your channel, choose the right moderators, and go live with style.

Streaming in 2017: A Conversational Guide to Inspire & Grow
Live streaming is all the rage now these days. You probably heard a lot of tips & tricks from streamers who started years ago and you find the advice does not apply to you. Join us to learn from live streamers who understand what it takes to rise above the ever so populated and challenging world of video game live streaming in the present day. We will be sharing our thoughts that have allowed the transformation of 3 brand new streamers to become 3 best friends with positive communities.

Please Don’t Punch the GM: More Adventures in Gaming Therapy
Games like Dungeons and Dragons are in the middle of a resurgence in pop culture, appearing in television, media, and now even being used therapeutically. Join game masters Adam Johns and Adam Davis as they return from the frontier of therapeutic gaming to tell more stories, answer more questions, and keep celebrating how the the games we love can make us better people.

It Gets Better: The Power of Online Gaming Communities
Online gaming and the advent of Twitch has formed living, breathing communities of like-minded individuals who go on to form meaningful relationships. These online gaming communities can be vital resources for youth who feel as though they cannot find a community to reach out to in the physical world. Join us as we discuss the role that online gaming can play in not only spreading the message that It Gets Better, but also helping make it so.

Streaming 101: Creating a Voice, Forging a Career
Creating a unique voice can be difficult. Learn from experienced streamers on how to build a brand and grow a community. Join us as we discuss how to leverage your individuality to forge a career.

How To Make It In the Gaming Industry
It’s hard enough to make your way into the video game industry, but how do you stick around long enough to really make it a career? Hear the stories of veterans who found success in very different parts of the game industry. Panelists from backgrounds including journalism, PR, hosting, streaming, and game development will share their experience and advice.

Finding Your Tribe: The Psychology of Online Communities
Online communities are a powerful and influential force in many of our lives. We build strong and lasting relationships with people before ever meeting them face-to-face. How do communities form and what are the challenges of maintaining an online “family?” We talk about community connection, finding a place you call home, and when it’s okay to say goodbye. Our speakers are gamers and self-proclaimed nerds who are experts in psychology, research, advice, community-building, and content creation.

Video Games as an Art Form
This panel aims to discuss the recognition of video games as an artistic medium. It is obvious that video games are a culmination of many creative processes that are, themselves, recognized as art. This panel wants to ask whether the final product, the game that is sold to the public, constitutes a piece of art in itself. And if is so, how does it live within the realm of art, and what are its unique advantages over traditional media?

Embracing the Chaos Emeralds: Understanding Your Nerd Power
Being a nerd is finally cool! So many of us remember being considered awkward, unpopular, and feeling like an outcast for loving sci-fi, video games, anime, comic books, etc. We explore the psychology of feeling like you don’t fit in, and the negative effects of not accepting who you are. We talk about embracing, loving, and accepting your geek fortitude/fandom. You’ll hear from gamers and self-proclaimed nerds who are experts in psychology, research, advice and community-building.

In this section, we’ve searched high and low for community events and parties around the show itself. We’ve also included a Friday afternoon panel all about the events not in the official schedule. Whether from Penny Arcade or us, there’s sure to be an event for all sorts of gamers during the show. 

Pre-PAX South Board Game Night 
Ready for PAXSouth? Wanna hang out with the local community and play some games the night before? C’mon down to Court of Gamers! Bring your favorite board games and friends and enjoy a night to play games and discuss the plan of attack!

Level Up Your PAX: Events Not In The Official Schedule
Teams battling their cute monsters, drunkenly playing games for a throne, joining forces with people shilling cookies for charity, eating dinners that are just soooooo faaaancyyyy, while getting pranked. This may sound like the description of a lost sequel to On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness, but it’s really just a small example of the yearly events run by the PAX Community! Come learn how they’re run, how to run your own, and how no matter your tastes, there’s a community event for you.

Texas Gaymers Meetup
Houston Gaymers is teaming again up with On the Rocks Pub for an official kick-off party for PAX South 2017! Last year was a great success and we are pleased to help host the event once again. There will be some additions this year, so stay tuned! We will be joined by other gaymer groups from Austin, Dallas Fort-worth, San Antonio, Mexico, and Phoenix! THE EVENT IS NOT EXCLUSIVE! All PAX attendees and the general public are welcome.

Playing Tourist
As gamers, we love a good adventure. When we get the chance to travel for an event like PAX South we take every chance we can get to go out and explore what’s around us– to level up our knowledge of the world. In this section you’ll find pre-organized tours, meetups, and one-off sights we think are not only interesting, but unique to San Antonio. Onwards!

2017 Magical Mystery Tour of San Antonio (Pre-PAX)
Join up with fellow PAX peeps for a walk around San Antonio the two days prior to PAX. See the sights, make new friends, and give your legs something to do. 

The Alamo 
For the history nerds out there, the Alamo Mission is a must-see. Steeped in a rich history of the region & the birth of America, the Alamo has daily tours, events, & re-enactments of key moments. 

River Walk
The River Walk is open 24 hours a day, year-round. It is a real river, lined with hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions. It is the #1 tourist destination in Texas. Tour the downtown portion of the River Walk via a guided tour or explore on your own.

San Antonio Mission State Parks
San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is different than other parks you have visited. This park has four distinct visitor areas, each between 2-3 miles from the previous one. Be sure to bring water! 

Natural Bridge Cavern
Natural Bridge Caverns is so much more than one of the most treasured natural attractions Texas has to offer. This beautiful and historical cavern system offers a completely unique experience where you’ll see massive, otherworldly formations formed by single drops of water and the slow passage of time.

Game Over Video Games
Game Over Videogames, Inc. is an independent chain of used RETRO video game stores dedicated to the LOVE of classic video games, systems, and accessories from Atari to Xbox.

We’re excited to return to Texas to hang out with y’all. See you there, ASTRO Family!


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